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mistakia a398e3bfd3 chore: build 2 weeks ago
mistakia 018bec7627 feat: add git diff highlight styling 2 weeks ago
James Coxon af00850ba7
Guide to adding custom stats to nano node with example (#61) 2 weeks ago
mistakia 5a83f750d1 feat: add timeout to requests 3 weeks ago
trashman 7ed0ca8072
feat: use mapped reps for telemetry and rep association (#60) 3 weeks ago
mistakia e386b14b4f fix: bandwidth byte conversion 4 weeks ago
mistakia b9ef79114e style: fix discord post content titles & home styling 4 weeks ago
mistakia af2ee198aa chore: build 4 weeks ago
mistakia c150385124 refactor: cleanup webpack structure 4 weeks ago
mistakia abda38d509 docs: update contribution guide 4 weeks ago
mistakia c1ed022a6d refactor: rename post tags -> post labels 4 weeks ago
mistakia d17075e482 style: rearrange homepage 4 weeks ago
mistakia 9e3b46dca3 chore: add dev:live command 4 weeks ago
mistakia 88b030298d chore: build 4 weeks ago
mistakia 31d48d8340 chore: build 4 weeks ago
mistakia 0cf773cac5 chore: update crontab 4 weeks ago
trashman 348a923c78
feat: community tracking of objectives & key results (OKRs) (#56) 4 weeks ago
mistakia b09e5c94cf chore: update deploy yarn path 1 month ago
mistakia 61e2d5ed49 chore: build 1 month ago
mistakia 133e5b4360 feat: add account count telemetry chart 1 month ago
mistakia 6c24af66d2 chore: update crontab 1 month ago
mistakia dee0ed900a chore: update deploy ref 1 month ago
mistakia 0d1f0c2ff6 chore: update server ip 1 month ago
mistakia 7cb3871a99 feat: save account_count in telemetry 1 month ago
mistakia 25890b9e73 feat: add rep blocks, confs, and unchecked telemetry charts 1 month ago
mistakia 7cbadadd7d feat: active page styling 1 month ago
mistakia dd474e6d5a chore: build 2 months ago
sticksnjones 7ebea82b22
Update basics.md (#57) 2 months ago
mistakia 2f19e84aeb fix: typo 2 months ago
mistakia 105ef5a0a0 fix: typo 2 months ago
mistakia 96766e682c style: menu button styling 3 months ago
mistakia 555d35f9e3 chore: build 3 months ago
mistakia c53e2b9953 style: update homepage layout 3 months ago
mistakia 502d00351b chore: update prettier config 3 months ago
mistakia b338e68df5 chore: replace mysql with mysql2 3 months ago
mistakia 3cadc0bbeb chore: build 3 months ago
Trashman a85abe1a9a
feat: add issues api endpoint (#55) 3 months ago
npesc ab06b99231
feat: import github issues from the nano-community repo (#53) 4 months ago
mistakia 251f96e1c1 chore: build 5 months ago
keeri 864c03e2e1
chore: replace svg logo with xno currency symbol from xno.nano.org (#52) 5 months ago
mistakia b2d53c5675 docs: update ticker & currency symbol 6 months ago
mistakia 67c20d6904 chore: update archive script 7 months ago
mistakia 8ca8467dcd chore: update archive script (wip) 7 months ago
mistakia 429624474d chore: update archive script (wip) 7 months ago
mistakia bf45571adb chore: update archive script (wip) 7 months ago
mistakia 8c0e7e4cb0 chore: update archive script (wip) 7 months ago
mistakia 5752333f49 chore: archive (wip) 7 months ago
mistakia e1da8a81e3 refactor: use 3m instead of 8m 7 months ago
mistakia 970c8db0bd fix: typo 9 months ago
mistakia a659d77939 fix: use online representatives for rep page sections 9 months ago