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atto is a tiny Nano wallet, targeted at friends of the UNIX philosophy. The design goal is to provide a minimal set of actions to manipulate your Nano account. atto provides no means of inspecting transaction history as it is completely stateless. Use a Nano crawler like if you need such info.


$ # The new command generates a new seed.
$ atto new
$ # Store it in your password manager:
$ pass insert nano
Enter password for nano: D420296F5FEF486175FAA8F649DED00A5B0A096DB8D03972937542C51A7F296C
Retype password for nano: D420296F5FEF486175FAA8F649DED00A5B0A096DB8D03972937542C51A7F296C

$ # The address command shows the address for a seed and account index.
$ pass nano | atto address

$ # The balance command will receive pending funds automatically.
$ pass nano | atto balance
Creating receive block for 1.025 from nano_34ymtnmhwseiex4eqf7nnf5wcyg44kknuuen5wwurm18ma91msf6e1pqo8hx... done
Creating receive block for 0.100 from nano_39nd8eksw1ia6aokn96z4uthocke47hfsx9gr31othm1nrfwnzmmaeehiccq... done
1.337 NANO

$ # Choosing a representative is important for keeping the network
$ # decentralized.
$ pass nano | atto representative nano_1jr699mk1fi6mxy1y76fmuyf3dgms8s5pzcsge5cyt1az93x4n18uxjenx93

$ # Careful with the send subcommand: No confirmation is required!
$ pass nano | atto send 0.1 nano_11zdqnjpisos53uighoaw95satm4ptdruck7xujbjcs44pbkkbw1h3zomns5
Creating send block (may take many minutes)... done

$ atto -h
	atto n[ew]
	atto [-a ACCOUNT_INDEX] a[ddress]
	atto [-a ACCOUNT_INDEX] b[alance]
	atto [-a ACCOUNT_INDEX] r[epresentative] REPRESENTATIVE

The new subcommand generates a new seed, which can later be used with
the other subcommands.

The address, balance, representative and send subcommands will expect
a seed as as the first line of their standard input. Showing the first
address of a newly generated key could work like this:
atto new | tee seed.txt | atto address

The address subcommand displays addresses for a seed, the balance
subcommand receives pending sends and shows the balance of an account,
the representative subcommand changes the account's representative and
the send subcommand sends funds to an address.

ACCOUNT_INDEX is an optional parameter, which must be a number between 0
and 4,294,967,295. It allows you to use multiple accounts derived from
the same seed. By default the account with index 0 is chosen.