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package atto
import (
// Pending represents a block that is waiting to be received.
type Pending struct {
Hash string
Amount string
Source string
type internalPending struct {
Error string `json:"error"`
Blocks pendingBlocks `json:"blocks"`
type pendingBlocks map[string]pendingBlock
// UnmarshalJSON just unmarshals a list of strings, but
// interprets an empty string as an empty list. This is
// necessary due to a bug in the Nano node implementation. See
func (b *pendingBlocks) UnmarshalJSON(in []byte) error {
if string(in) == `""` {
return nil
var raw map[string]pendingBlock
err := json.Unmarshal(in, &raw)
*b = pendingBlocks(raw)
return err
type pendingBlock struct {
Amount string `json:"amount"`
Source string `json:"source"`
func internalPendingToPending(internalPending internalPending) []Pending {
pendings := make([]Pending, 0)
for hash, source := range internalPending.Blocks {
pending := Pending{hash, source.Amount, source.Source}
pendings = append(pendings, pending)
return pendings