77 Commits (node_auth)

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codesoap 12e074f29f Add AUR to installation section in README 1 year ago
codesoap a27428c792 Add -v flag for version 1 year ago
codesoap 16b84a67a6 Explain alternative accounts better in the README 1 year ago
codesoap b2023c6fb3 Fix the send command for Windows 1 year ago
codesoap 2a1b441748 Fix typos in send example 1 year ago
codesoap 90e6cef225 Add donation address to README 1 year ago
codesoap 4f5461d203 Use dedicated error when accounts are unopened 1 year ago
codesoap 25c1262d14 Do not try to verify info of unopened accounts 1 year ago
codesoap 568c0e964a Fix typo in getAccountInfo error 1 year ago
codesoap c7726d5857 Eliminate depedence on golang.org/x/term 1 year ago
codesoap 4858e854c4 Rework send confirmation for better usability 1 year ago
codesoap 7d5311ca3c Require confirmation before sending 1 year ago
codesoap fff6dcd695 Simplify getSeed function a little bit 1 year ago
codesoap 86190ae3a8 Fix error response comments 1 year ago
codesoap 8f33306d8a Verify validity of account_info using signature 2 years ago
codesoap 2bbba990ab Refactor amount parsing code for readability 2 years ago
codesoap 04eb1758ac Refactor code into ed25519.go for readability 2 years ago
codesoap e49c60c5c5 Check amount with regexp before parsing 2 years ago
codesoap ba058c0898 Rename RPCCall to RPC 2 years ago
codesoap 378e76490b Remove useless assignments 2 years ago
codesoap 0dec246455 Only remove dot if there is one when parsing amount 2 years ago
codesoap b29da662d7 Do not print newline before printing error 2 years ago
codesoap 4c6fbf2a46 Introduce bigIntToBytes method to compact code 2 years ago
codesoap 86c2fcba94 Refactor for compactness 2 years ago
codesoap bee58fe251 Let the node generate proof of work 2 years ago
codesoap d465857815 Improve README 2 years ago
codesoap 70638ceea6 initial commit 2 years ago