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  codesoap f657eb3b33 Prepare release of v1.4.0 1 month ago
  codesoap 312ec3695d Fix 'atto balance' for unopened accounts with nothing pending 1 month ago
  codesoap 5a544e5800 Clarify where the custom errors are used 1 month ago
  codesoap 5d1415aaa6 Fix atto-safesign not being able to open accounts 1 month ago
  codesoap 95ce62b8f4 Fix atto program not being able to open accounts 1 month ago
  codesoap 17a9d20ae7 Introduce FirstReceive 1 month ago
  codesoap 87559e3adc Fix documentation of the block creating methods 1 month ago
  codesoap 4f98860214 Improve documentation of AccountInfo 1 month ago
  codesoap 1353a3ca07 Show stderr output in atto-safesign example 1 month ago
  codesoap 8063b1ff3f Remove extraneous newline character in GenerateSeed 1 month ago
  codesoap c10f45c149 Fix typo in comment of SubTypeSend 1 month ago
  codesoap da914b7f9b Also fix typo "as as" in README 1 month ago
  codesoap ddd25bedb3 Fix examples for atto-safesign 1 month ago
  codesoap 726490220d Update install instructions 1 month ago
  codesoap ac50f58df9 Update minor version of the atto program 1 month ago
  codesoap 8835d4f53b Add comments for all BlockSubTypes 1 month ago
  codesoap 9b4f16985d Fix misspell "difficulity" 1 month ago
  codesoap e4cc79ce48 Improve help text of atto-safesign 1 month ago
  codesoap cc42ae32fc Fix and improve atto-safesign's README 1 month ago
  codesoap 8fb4572e0b Parse atto-safesign files more strictly 1 month ago
  codesoap 01d6818323 Add atto-safesign 2 months ago
  codesoap cbab1b7544 Fix documentation of Change 1 month ago
  codesoap 187dd7d2ba Fix typo "as as" 1 month ago
  codesoap 8576a76d31 Expose Hash Method on Block 1 month ago
  codesoap 292f3c5844 Fix rawToNanoString for negative numbers 1 month ago
  codesoap 415f55d194 Make SubType an own type in the code 2 months ago
  codesoap 39e41765a8 Remove hidable public fields of Block 2 months ago
  codesoap 50d6ff0d5e Never receive negative amounts 2 months ago
  codesoap c63561561f Match argument order of Send with CLI 2 months ago
  codesoap 94344b05b8 Fix missing PublicKey on Block 2 months ago
  codesoap f1cf7803dc Simplifly method signatures 2 months ago
  codesoap 26f7f1d6f7 Move seed generation into library 2 months ago
  codesoap d84afc3149 Polish return values of public methods 2 months ago
  codesoap 898697d115 Allow creation of Account without knowing the seed 2 months ago
  codesoap 1bfeea4ae9 Reintroduce the atto program 2 months ago
  codesoap ba37fbffc9 Make atto a library 2 months ago
  codesoap 3aeeef59b5 Introduce account struct to simplify code 3 months ago
  codesoap 26e595913d Simplify by passing private keys into getAccountInfo 3 months ago
  codesoap 3154832a41 Fix typo "Represatative" 3 months ago
  codesoap 1f71cd087d Compact flag.NArg validation switch 3 months ago
  codesoap baaa07e0b9 Add more info on how to change the node 3 months ago
  codesoap 12e074f29f Add AUR to installation section in README 5 months ago
  codesoap a27428c792 Add -v flag for version 5 months ago
  codesoap 16b84a67a6 Explain alternative accounts better in the README 5 months ago
  codesoap b2023c6fb3 Fix the send command for Windows 5 months ago
  codesoap 2a1b441748 Fix typos in send example 7 months ago
  codesoap 90e6cef225 Add donation address to README 7 months ago
  codesoap 4f5461d203 Use dedicated error when accounts are unopened 7 months ago
  codesoap 25c1262d14 Do not try to verify info of unopened accounts 7 months ago
  codesoap 568c0e964a Fix typo in getAccountInfo error 7 months ago