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  Anonymous df531a001a minor adjustments 3 weeks ago
  Anonymous 72d3fdf798 minor additions 3 weeks ago
  Anonymous 8604e091f4 Add greeting message and minor fixes 3 weeks ago
  Anonymous a92d2db52c added reason feature to ban messages 3 weeks ago
  Anonymous a9b5fc810e minor fixes 4 weeks ago
  Anonymous 99bd59e9a3 minor fixes 1 month ago
  Anonymous 7daec052d0 change media filtering algorithm 1 month ago
  Anonymous f4fb157931 extend meta command with more statistics 1 month ago
  Anonymous 75c5f38f9a decrease debug level 1 month ago
  Anonymous 9d67b6aae7 minor changes on report system 1 month ago
  Anonymous e3768de1e7 log banned users 1 month ago
  Anonymous 74b2f6bc35 update /start info with repo credentials 1 month ago
  Anonymous eadc93da77 minor fixes and typo 1 month ago
  Anonymous 7d3cbfd681 fix media filtering and minimalise code 1 month ago
  Anonymous a7cb045be7 add image filtering feature 1 month ago
  Anonymous 379035ac78 Major fixes on report command and beautify code 1 month ago
  Anonymous 215b73424c minor fixes related to parsing 1 month ago
  Anonymous a96b48e2b9 Stabilise /report option and added /start 1 month ago
  Anonymous 88251abf49 fix blacklist count bug 1 month ago
  Anonymous 93117cc62b fix minor bugs related to /report 1 month ago
  Anonymous 50cb4a3396 add /report option 1 month ago
  Anonymous ce2e90f200 Add /batch_add option 1 month ago
  Anonymous 782176659e initial commit 1 month ago