GNU Exterior Ballistics Computer
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double calcFR(double Temperature, double Pressure, double RelativeHumidity){
double VPw=4e-6*pow(Temperature,3) - 0.0004*pow(Temperature,2)+0.0234*Temperature-0.2517;
double FRH=0.995*(Pressure/(Pressure-(0.3783)*(RelativeHumidity)*VPw));
return FRH;
double calcFP(double Pressure){
double Pstd=29.53; // in-hg
double FP=0;
FP = (Pressure-Pstd)/(Pstd);
return FP;
double calcFT(double Temperature,double Altitude){
double Tstd=-0.0036*Altitude+59;
double FT = (Temperature-Tstd)/(459.6+Tstd);
return FT;
double calcFA(double Altitude){
double fa=0;
return (1/fa);
double AtmCorrect(double DragCoefficient, double Altitude, double Barometer, double Temperature, double RelativeHumidity){
double FA = calcFA(Altitude);
double FT = calcFT(Temperature, Altitude);
double FR = calcFR(Temperature, Barometer, RelativeHumidity);
double FP = calcFP(Barometer);
// Calculate the atmospheric correction factor
double CD = (FA*(1+FT-FP)*FR);
return DragCoefficient*CD;