GNU Exterior Ballistics Computer
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#include <FL/Fl_BMP_Image.H>
class InputWindow : public Fl_Window{
InputWindow(int w, int h, const char* title );
Fl_Button* btSolve;
Fl_Button* btReset;
Fl_Button* btStdAtmosphere;
Fl_Button* btShowChart;
Fl_Button* btPlot;
Fl_Button* btCompare;
Fl_Button* btSaveSolution;
Fl_Button* btLoadSolution;
double* Solution;
double* Smem1;
double* Smem2;
GBCSolution* gsln;
GBCSolution* mem1;
GBCSolution* mem2;
int useSolution;
// Drag function selection pointers.
Fl_Round_Button* inG1;
Fl_Round_Button* inG2;
Fl_Round_Button* inG5;
Fl_Round_Button* inG6;
Fl_Round_Button* inG7;
Fl_Round_Button* inG8;
Fl_Check_Button* ckWeather;
Fl_Input* inName;
Fl_Int_Input* inWeight;
Fl_Float_Input* inBC;
Fl_Float_Input* inSH;
Fl_Int_Input* inMV;
Fl_Int_Input* inAngle;
Fl_Int_Input* inZero;
Fl_Int_Input* inVwind;
Fl_Int_Input* inAwind;
Fl_Int_Input* inTemp;
Fl_Float_Input* inPressure;
Fl_Int_Input* inHumidity;
Fl_Int_Input* inAltitude;
Fl_Menu_Bar *menu;
Fl_Menu_Item *pmenuitems;
// Menu Item Declarations.
Fl_Menu_Item m_File;
Fl_Menu_Item mc_New;
Fl_Menu_Item mc_Open;
Fl_Menu_Item mc_Save;
Fl_Menu_Item mc_Export;
Fl_Menu_Item mc_Quit;
Fl_Menu_Item m_Edit;
Fl_Menu_Item mc_Copy;
Fl_Menu_Item mc_Paste;
Fl_Menu_Item mc_Options;
Fl_Menu_Item m_Analyze;
Fl_Menu_Item mc_Table;
Fl_Menu_Item mc_Plot;
Fl_Menu_Item mc_Compare;
Fl_Menu_Item m_Aids;
Fl_Menu_Item mc_RangeCard;
Fl_Menu_Item mc_ClickChart;
Fl_Menu_Item mc_RangeTable;
Fl_Menu_Item m_Solution;
Fl_Menu_Item mc_Solve;
Fl_Menu_Item mc_Data;
Fl_Menu_Item mc_Advanced;
Fl_Menu_Item m_Help;
Fl_Menu_Item mc_Help;
Fl_Menu_Item mc_License;
Fl_Menu_Item mc_About;
Fl_Menu_Item mc_Bug;
Fl_Multiline_Output* oStatus;
// Fl_Menu_Item mc_Store1,mc_Store2, mc_Store3, mc_Store4, mc_Store5;
// FL Outputs
Fl_Output* out;
static void cb_Solve(Fl_Widget*, void*);
//inline void cb_copy_i();
//static void cb_quit(Fl_Widget*, void*);
//inline void cb_quit_i();
static void cb_Quit(Fl_Widget*, void*);
static void cb_Nothing(Fl_Widget*, void*);
static void cb_ckWeather(Fl_Widget*, void*);
static void cb_Clear(Fl_Widget*, void*);
static void cb_mNew(Fl_Widget*, void*);
//static void cb_mOpen(Fl_Widget* , void* );
static void EnableMenu(void*);
static void DisableMenu(void*);
static void cb_RangeTable(Fl_Widget*, void* );
static void cb_Paste(Fl_Widget*, void* v);
static void cb_Copy(Fl_Widget*, void* v);
static void cb_HelpWindow(Fl_Widget*, void*v);
static void cb_LicenseWindow(Fl_Widget*, void*v);
static void cb_AboutWindow(Fl_Widget*,void*v);
static void cb_Save(Fl_Widget*, void*);
static void cb_Open(Fl_Widget*, void*);
static void cb_Plot(Fl_Widget*, void*);
static void cb_Store1(Fl_Widget*, void*);
static void cb_Store2(Fl_Widget*, void*);
//static void cb_Store3(Fl_Widget*, void*);
//static void cb_Store4(Fl_Widget*, void*);
//static void cb_Store5(Fl_Widget*, void*);
static void cb_PBR(Fl_Widget*, void*);
void Paste(void);
void Copy(void);