GNU Exterior Ballistics Computer
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class GBCSolution {
double* isolution,
const char* name,
double ibc,
double isightheight,
int iweight,
int imv,
int iangle,
int izerorange,
int iwindspeed,
int iwindangle,
int itemp,
int ihumidity,
double ipressure,
int ialtitude,
int rows,
int ckweather
double* sln;
const char* Name(void);
double BC(void);
double SightHeight(void);
int MuzzleVelocity(void);
int ShootingAngle(void);
int ZeroRange(void);
int WindSpeed(void);
int WindAngle(void);
int Temp(void);
double Pressure(void);
int Humidity(void);
int Altitude(void);
int Weight(void);
int MaxRows(void);
int MaxRows(int);
int UseWeather(void);
double GetRange(int yardage);
double GetPath(int yardage);
double GetMOA(int yardage);
double GetTime(int yardage);
double GetWindage(int yardage);
double GetWindageMOA(int yardage);
double GetVelocity(int yardage);
double GetVx(int yardage);
double GetVy(int yardage);
double GetEnergy(int yardage);
double* solution;
char name[255];
int weight;
double bc;
double sightheight;
int mv;
int angle;
int zerorange;
int windspeed;
int windangle;
int temp;
int ckweather;
double pressure;
int humidity;
int altitude;
int rows;