GNU Exterior Ballistics Computer
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GNU Exterior Ballistics, Version 1.05

Fixed bug in save / load sequence that did not restore the drag function used
in the saved file
Fixed numerous small memory leaks when opening / closing various solutions.
Fixed data export titles which were incorrect from previous version (ft-lb/grn) is now (ft-lb)
Recompiled GNU Ballistics library into a static module, and linked against the source.
Turned on GCC high-optimization (level "O3")
Updated Makefile to compile GNU Ballistics Library on the fly, and link against it.

----------- V. 1.04 changes
Improved PBR computation algorithm for accuracy of far zero. (No longer assumes
a parabolic trajectory, it now computes actual trajectory)
Added PBR "zero-in" at 100 yds, to make achieving PBR easier at a standard range.
Memory leak fixed for file open / close sequence.
Windage MOA calculation corrected for RangeWindow display
Bug for file open / close repaired.
Memory allocation and segmentation bugs fixed.

Source Changes:
Code base reorganized to be more in line with standard C practice.
Makefile altered to compile each window separately to avoid dependency errors.
Confirmed source builds on Slackware 12, included Makefile as Makefile.slack