GNU Exterior Ballistics Computer
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#include "lib/ballistics/ballistics.h"
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
class GBCSolution {
double* isolution,
const char* name,
double ibc,
double isightheight,
int iweight,
int imv,
int iangle,
int izerorange,
int iwindspeed,
int iwindangle,
int itemp,
int ihumidity,
double ipressure,
int ialtitude,
int rows,
int ckweather,
int df
double* sln;
const char* Name(void);
double BC(void);
double SightHeight(void);
int MuzzleVelocity(void);
int ShootingAngle(void);
int ZeroRange(void);
int WindSpeed(void);
int WindAngle(void);
int Temp(void);
double Pressure(void);
int Humidity(void);
int Altitude(void);
int Weight(void);
int MaxRows(void);
int MaxRows(int);
int UseWeather(void);
double GetRange(int yardage);
double GetPath(int yardage);
double GetMOA(int yardage);
double GetTime(int yardage);
double GetWindage(int yardage);
double GetWindageMOA(int yardage);
double GetVelocity(int yardage);
double GetVx(int yardage);
double GetVy(int yardage);
double GetDrop(int yardage);
double GetEnergy(int yardage);
int df;
double* solution;
char name[255];
int weight;
double bc;
double sightheight;
int mv;
int angle;
int zerorange;
int windspeed;
int windangle;
int temp;
int ckweather;
double pressure;
int humidity;
int altitude;
int rows;