GNU Exterior Ballistics Computer
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Jan 2011
* Added TargetWindow - view of target as seen from shooter.
* Added a perspective checkbox to the target window. This switches
between path as seen by shooter (on) and path relative to line of
sight (off). For example, a bullet 1/2 way to the target will
line up with a point twice as far above line of sight in the target
as it actually is. ie if the bullet is 1" above line of sight at 50
yds, it will be in line with a point 2" above line of sight on a
target at 100 yds. The line appears to move on the target because as
you move the target back (say to 200 yds) the bullet at 50 yds and
1" high will line up with a point 4" high on the target at 200 yds.
* If a file name is given on the command line it is loaded at startup.
No checking is done on the file name - if it does not exist,
bad things may happen.
* Added various target types including common NRA and ISSF targets
* Added a "variance" ring around the impact point. This is 1 MOA plus
a bit on the sides as alowance for spin drift (it's added to both
sides and left to the viewer to decide on whether to allow for left
or right twist. The amount is so small it doesn't matter much
anyway (we allow a generic 0.1 MOA per 100 yards beyond 100 yards)
Nov 2010
* Added a drop down box to the Plot Window to select scope guides.
* Changed the calculations for the scope guides to draw them more
* Get Zero to float in the path plot
* Clip the scope guides
* Added an option for guides every 1 degree
Oct 2010
* Added scope guides to the path plot as a ready reference to how the
trajectory compares to the field of view of the scope, in particular to
one and 5 MIL marks on a MIL-DOT reticle. Included code for MOA
as well, but commented it out pending GUI button to select
* Modified InputWindow and PlotWindow to handle plotting memory 3
* Consolidated a lot of code in PlotWindow into 3 new functions.
* modified InputWindow::cb_Solve() to treat zero ranges < 2 yards as a
zeroangle and report the zeroangle used in the output window.
This allows plotting the paths of different loads shot from the one
barrel and scope alignment (eg for a two different loads in a .308
without adjusting the scope, what is the elevation adjustment for
each load?) Useful for hunters who might select different loads for
different targets, but do not want to mess with their zero.
* Allowed for larger y_range in plots.
* Reduced the minimum range in the PlotWindow to 50 yds (default still
200). Useful for low power (ie .22) shooters.
* Added Drop (MIL), Windage (MIL) and Target Size (MIL) columns to the
RangeWindow (not all export formats have been updated yet).
All useful for users of MIL-DOT reticles.
Need to add a GUI box for entering the target size in inches - that
way you can enter the size in inches of whatever you intend to shoot,
then in the field measure your target in MIL in the scope, look that up
on the range table and instantly get bullet drop and windage in MIL,
no maths required.
* Added metric conversions of the summary data at the top of the range
* Cleaned up SOME of the misuse of malloc/delete/free
delete calls the destructor then frees the memory. Calling free on
an object after deleting it is an error, so is calling delete after
calling the destructor!
Also mixing new/free and malloc/delete on the same object is bad.
Only use malloc with free, and only new with delete.
* Re-wrote the GenTable and Export* code in RangeWindow to be data-driven.
Adding a column, or modifying the layout of the load data is now
done in one place and automatically appears in ALL output formats.