GNU Exterior Ballistics Computer
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10 months ago
CFLAGS = -I/usr/local/include -I/usr/local/include/FL/images -mwindows -DWIN32 -mno-cygwin
10 months ago
LDFLAGS = -L./blib/ -lballistics -L/usr/local/lib -lhpdf -lfltk_images -lfltk_png -lfltk_jpeg -lz -mwindows -mno-cygwin -lfltk_z -lfltk -lole32 -luuid -lcomctl32 -lwsock32
BFLAGS = -c -O3 -Wall
all: InputWindow.o LicenseWindow.o PlotWindow.o AboutWindow.o RangeWindow.o PBRWindow.o GBCSolution.o GNU_Ballistics.o ./blib/libballistics.a
g++ -Wall -O3 -o GNU_Ballistics.exe InputWindow.o PlotWindow.o LicenseWindow.o AboutWindow.o RangeWindow.o PBRWindow.o GBCSolution.o GNU_Ballistics.o ${LDFLAGS}
rm -f *.o
rm -f *.*~
mv GNU_Ballistics.exe ../
GNU_Ballistics.o: GNU_Ballistics.cpp
g++ ${BFLAGS} GNU_Ballistics.cpp -o GNU_Ballistics.o
PBRWindow.o: PBRWindow.cpp PBRWindow.h
g++ ${BFLAGS} PBRWindow.cpp -o PBRWindow.o
RangeWindow.o: RangeWindow.h GBCSolution.h InputWindow.h InputWindow.cpp
g++ ${BFLAGS} RangeWindow.cpp -o RangeWindow.o
AboutWindow.o: AboutWindow.h AboutWindow.cpp
g++ ${BFLAGS} AboutWindow.cpp -o AboutWindow.o
LicenseWindow.o: LicenseWindow.h LicenseWindow.cpp
g++ ${BFLAGS} LicenseWindow.cpp -o LicenseWindow.o
InputWindow.o: InputWindow.h InputWindow.cpp
g++ ${BFLAGS} InputWindow.cpp -o InputWindow.o
PlotWindow.o: PlotWindow.h PlotWindow.cpp
g++ ${BFLAGS} PlotWindow.cpp -o PlotWindow.o
GBCSolution.o: GBCSolution.h GBCSolution.cpp
g++ ${BFLAGS} GBCSolution.cpp -o GBCSolution.o
./blib/libballistics.a: ./blib/src/ballistics.h ./blib/src/ballistics.c
g++ ${BFLAGS} ./blib/src/ballistics.c -o ./blib/src/ballistics.o
ar rcs ./blib/libballistics.a ./blib/src/ballistics.o
rm -f ./blib/src/ballistics.o
rm -f GBCSolution.o
rm -f PlotWindow.o
rm -f InputWindow.o
rm -f AboutWindow.o
rm -f LicenseWindow.o
rm -f PBRWindow.o
rm -f ballistics.o
rm -f *.o
rm -f *.*~
rm -f GNU_Ballistics
rm -f ./blib/libballistics.a
10 months ago