29 Commits (4a4a708c39cbf209505b99438be8d4ebc95e268e)

Author SHA1 Message Date
surkeh 4a4a708c39 Borland fnmerge prototype no longer inline 5 years ago
surkeh ba6418ea33 header-only issues in gcc, separated implementation 5 years ago
surkeh 02e0d89aea Gcc compilation issues due to NULL and defined struct members removed 5 years ago
surkeh 1b241c61ab Removed stray using namespace 5 years ago
surkeh eb6676c17b Replaced stray cpp include with c include 5 years ago
surkeh 48d7ebe043 Set first char of all fnsplit return args to NULL (undocumented but sample code suggests this behavior) 5 years ago
surkeh a7749edff4 Fixed bug where fnsplit doesnt ensure ext starts with NULL before strcat 5 years ago
surkeh 97f1f07860 Added Borland.h, updated fnmerge to handle multiple periods in path 5 years ago
surkeh aacffdee82 Fixed Posix attributes due to hex values instead of octal 5 years ago
surkeh d9501ae64f ifdef Windows file attributes for inclusion on other OS 5 years ago
surkeh b93daa8f5d Set normal POSIX mode to 644 5 years ago
suhrke 8196bd4c38 [minor] readme title updated 5 years ago
suhrke fe8797865d Updated README.md for change from CPP to C 5 years ago
suhrke 59b8b4abdc Converted project into standard C 5 years ago
suhrke 5ec94e2bfe Removed initializations from Bitmap.h 5 years ago
suhrke 142a9b6f86 Bitmap tests added 5 years ago
suhrke 6ea8f22849 Fixed redefinition warning of BI_RGB 5 years ago
suhrke 1f8a8426ac Simplified for backwards compatibility purposes 5 years ago
suhrke 16561114c3 including Bitmap.h safe in windows 5 years ago
suhrke bf8e34cbac Gcc struct packing added 5 years ago
suhrke 0b569a0b08 Made convert functions static 5 years ago
suhrke 7a7b6b3cda added isPosixTime utility function 5 years ago
suhrke 0bd7b63f76 regular casts changed to static_cast 5 years ago
suhrke a6c2a90903 C-only Bitmap.hpp renamed to Bitmap.h 5 years ago
suhrke 2d895bd31c Replaced catch with boost + several bug fixes 5 years ago
suhrke 5f6dc2fec9 Catch internal overloading likely causing this to fail unit tests, other tests seem to work 5 years ago
suhrke 7d99797ca8 Still having trouble with time conversions, tests updated, orig conversion added to src 5 years ago
suhrke a1970a8f2b Added files, time-related tests still failing 5 years ago
suhrke e67500f13b Initial commit 5 years ago