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  1. Compiling/runing bitcoind unit tests
  2. ------------------------------------
  3. bitcoind unit tests are in the src/test/ directory; they
  4. use the Boost::Test unit-testing framework.
  5. To compile and run the tests:
  6. cd src
  7. make -f makefile.unix test_bitcoin # Replace makefile.unix if you're not on unix
  8. ./test_bitcoin # Runs the unit tests
  9. If all tests succeed the last line of output will be:
  10. *** No errors detected
  11. To add more tests, add BOOST_AUTO_TEST_CASE's to the existing
  12. .cpp files in the test/ directory or add new .cpp files that
  13. implement new BOOST_AUTO_TEST_SUITE's (the makefiles are
  14. set up to add test/*.cpp to test_bitcoin automatically).
  15. Compiling/running Bitcoin-Qt unit tests
  16. ---------------------------------------
  17. Bitcoin-Qt unit tests are in the src/qt/test/ directory; they
  18. use the Qt unit-testing framework.
  19. To compile and run the tests:
  20. qmake BITCOIN_QT_TEST=1
  21. make
  22. ./bitcoin-qt_test
  23. To add more tests, add them to the src/qt/test/ directory,
  24. the src/qt/test/test_main.cpp file, and