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// Copyright (c) 2009-2010 Satoshi Nakamoto
// Copyright (c) 2009-2014 The Bitcoin Core developers
// Distributed under the MIT software license, see the accompanying
// file COPYING or
#include "chainparamsbase.h"
#include "checkpoints.h"
#include "consensus/params.h"
#include "primitives/block.h"
#include "protocol.h"
#include <vector>
struct CDNSSeedData {
std::string name, host;
CDNSSeedData(const std::string &strName, const std::string &strHost) : name(strName), host(strHost) {}
* CChainParams defines various tweakable parameters of a given instance of the
* Bitcoin system. There are three: the main network on which people trade goods
* and services, the public test network which gets reset from time to time and
* a regression test mode which is intended for private networks only. It has
* minimal difficulty to ensure that blocks can be found instantly.
class CChainParams
enum Base58Type {
const Consensus::Params& GetConsensus() const { return consensus; }
const uint256& HashGenesisBlock() const { return consensus.hashGenesisBlock; }
const CMessageHeader::MessageStartChars& MessageStart() const { return pchMessageStart; }
const std::vector<unsigned char>& AlertKey() const { return vAlertPubKey; }
int GetDefaultPort() const { return nDefaultPort; }
const uint256& ProofOfWorkLimit() const { return consensus.powLimit; }
int SubsidyHalvingInterval() const { return consensus.nSubsidyHalvingInterval; }
int EnforceBlockUpgradeMajority() const { return consensus.nMajorityEnforceBlockUpgrade; }
int RejectBlockOutdatedMajority() const { return consensus.nMajorityRejectBlockOutdated; }
int ToCheckBlockUpgradeMajority() const { return consensus.nMajorityWindow; }
/** Used if GenerateBitcoins is called with a negative number of threads */
int DefaultMinerThreads() const { return nMinerThreads; }
const CBlock& GenesisBlock() const { return genesis; }
bool RequireRPCPassword() const { return fRequireRPCPassword; }
/** Make miner wait to have peers to avoid wasting work */
bool MiningRequiresPeers() const { return fMiningRequiresPeers; }
/** Default value for -checkmempool and -checkblockindex argument */
bool DefaultConsistencyChecks() const { return fDefaultConsistencyChecks; }
/** Allow mining of a min-difficulty block */
bool AllowMinDifficultyBlocks() const { return consensus.fPowAllowMinDifficultyBlocks; }
/** Make standard checks */
bool RequireStandard() const { return fRequireStandard; }
int64_t TargetTimespan() const { return consensus.nPowTargetTimespan; }
int64_t TargetSpacing() const { return consensus.nPowTargetSpacing; }
int64_t DifficultyAdjustmentInterval() const { return consensus.nPowTargetTimespan / consensus.nPowTargetSpacing; }
/** Make miner stop after a block is found. In RPC, don't return until nGenProcLimit blocks are generated */
bool MineBlocksOnDemand() const { return fMineBlocksOnDemand; }
/** In the future use NetworkIDString() for RPC fields */
bool TestnetToBeDeprecatedFieldRPC() const { return fTestnetToBeDeprecatedFieldRPC; }
/** Return the BIP70 network string (main, test or regtest) */
std::string NetworkIDString() const { return strNetworkID; }
const std::vector<CDNSSeedData>& DNSSeeds() const { return vSeeds; }
const std::vector<unsigned char>& Base58Prefix(Base58Type type) const { return base58Prefixes[type]; }
const std::vector<CAddress>& FixedSeeds() const { return vFixedSeeds; }
virtual const Checkpoints::CCheckpointData& Checkpoints() const = 0;
CChainParams() {}
Consensus::Params consensus;
CMessageHeader::MessageStartChars pchMessageStart;
//! Raw pub key bytes for the broadcast alert signing key.
std::vector<unsigned char> vAlertPubKey;
int nDefaultPort;
int nMinerThreads;
std::vector<CDNSSeedData> vSeeds;
std::vector<unsigned char> base58Prefixes[MAX_BASE58_TYPES];
std::string strNetworkID;
CBlock genesis;
std::vector<CAddress> vFixedSeeds;
bool fRequireRPCPassword;
bool fMiningRequiresPeers;
bool fDefaultConsistencyChecks;
bool fRequireStandard;
bool fMineBlocksOnDemand;
bool fTestnetToBeDeprecatedFieldRPC;
* Return the currently selected parameters. This won't change after app startup
* outside of the unit tests.
const CChainParams &Params();
/** Return parameters for the given network. */
CChainParams &Params(CBaseChainParams::Network network);
/** Sets the params returned by Params() to those for the given network. */
void SelectParams(CBaseChainParams::Network network);
* Looks for -regtest or -testnet and then calls SelectParams as appropriate.
* Returns false if an invalid combination is given.
bool SelectParamsFromCommandLine();