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Release Process

  • Update translations (ping wumpus, Diapolo or tcatm on IRC) see
  • Update to account for changes since the last release.
  • Update hardcoded seeds

First time / New builders

Check out the source code in the following directory hierarchy.

cd /path/to/your/toplevel/build
git clone
git clone
git clone
git clone

Bitcoin maintainers/release engineers, update (commit) version in sources

pushd ./bitcoin
src/clientversion.h (change CLIENT_VERSION_IS_RELEASE to true)

# tag version in git

git tag -s v(new version, e.g. 0.8.0)

# write release notes. git shortlog helps a lot, for example:

git shortlog --no-merges v(current version, e.g. 0.7.2)..v(new version, e.g. 0.8.0)

Setup and perform Gitian builds

Setup Gitian descriptors:

pushd ./bitcoin
export SIGNER=(your Gitian key, ie bluematt, sipa, etc)
export VERSION=(new version, e.g. 0.8.0)
git fetch
git checkout v${VERSION}

Ensure your gitian.sigs are up-to-date if you wish to gverify your builds against other Gitian signatures.

pushd ./gitian.sigs
git pull

Ensure gitian-builder is up-to-date to take advantage of new caching features (e9741525c or later is recommended).

pushd ./gitian-builder
git pull

Fetch and create inputs: (first time, or when dependency versions change)

mkdir -p inputs
wget -P inputs
wget -P inputs

Register and download the Apple SDK: see OS X readme for details.

Using a Mac, create a tarball for the 10.9 SDK and copy it to the inputs directory:

tar -C /Volumes/Xcode/ -czf MacOSX10.9.sdk.tar.gz MacOSX10.9.sdk

Optional: Seed the Gitian sources cache and offline git repositories

By default, Gitian will fetch source files as needed. To cache them ahead of time:

make -C ../bitcoin/depends download SOURCES_PATH=`pwd`/cache/common

Only missing files will be fetched, so this is safe to re-run for each build.

NOTE: Offline builds must use the --url flag to ensure Gitian fetches only from local URLs. For example:

./bin/gbuild --url bitcoin=/path/to/bitcoin,signature=/path/to/sigs {rest of arguments}

The gbuild invocations below DO NOT DO THIS by default.

Build and sign Bitcoin Core for Linux, Windows, and OS X:

./bin/gbuild --commit bitcoin=v${VERSION} ../bitcoin/contrib/gitian-descriptors/gitian-linux.yml
./bin/gsign --signer $SIGNER --release ${VERSION}-linux --destination ../gitian.sigs/ ../bitcoin/contrib/gitian-descriptors/gitian-linux.yml
mv build/out/bitcoin-*.tar.gz build/out/src/bitcoin-*.tar.gz ../

./bin/gbuild --commit bitcoin=v${VERSION} ../bitcoin/contrib/gitian-descriptors/gitian-win.yml
./bin/gsign --signer $SIGNER --release ${VERSION}-win-unsigned --destination ../gitian.sigs/ ../bitcoin/contrib/gitian-descriptors/gitian-win.yml
mv build/out/bitcoin-*-win-unsigned.tar.gz inputs/bitcoin-win-unsigned.tar.gz
mv build/out/bitcoin-*.zip build/out/bitcoin-*.exe ../

./bin/gbuild --commit bitcoin=v${VERSION} ../bitcoin/contrib/gitian-descriptors/gitian-osx.yml
./bin/gsign --signer $SIGNER --release ${VERSION}-osx-unsigned --destination ../gitian.sigs/ ../bitcoin/contrib/gitian-descriptors/gitian-osx.yml
mv build/out/bitcoin-*-osx-unsigned.tar.gz inputs/bitcoin-osx-unsigned.tar.gz
mv build/out/bitcoin-*.tar.gz build/out/bitcoin-*.dmg ../

Build output expected:

  1. source tarball (bitcoin-${VERSION}.tar.gz)
  2. linux 32-bit and 64-bit dist tarballs (bitcoin-${VERSION}-linux[32|64].tar.gz)
  3. windows 32-bit and 64-bit unsigned installers and dist zips (bitcoin-${VERSION}-win[32|64]-setup-unsigned.exe, bitcoin-${VERSION}-win[32|64].zip)
  4. OS X unsigned installer and dist tarball (bitcoin-${VERSION}-osx-unsigned.dmg, bitcoin-${VERSION}-osx64.tar.gz)
  5. Gitian signatures (in gitian.sigs/${VERSION}-/(your Gitian key)/

Verify other gitian builders signatures to your own. (Optional)

Add other gitian builders keys to your gpg keyring

gpg --import ../bitcoin/contrib/gitian-downloader/*.pgp

Verify the signatures

./bin/gverify -v -d ../gitian.sigs/ -r ${VERSION}-linux ../bitcoin/contrib/gitian-descriptors/gitian-linux.yml
./bin/gverify -v -d ../gitian.sigs/ -r ${VERSION}-win-unsigned ../bitcoin/contrib/gitian-descriptors/gitian-win.yml
./bin/gverify -v -d ../gitian.sigs/ -r ${VERSION}-osx-unsigned ../bitcoin/contrib/gitian-descriptors/gitian-osx.yml


Next steps:

Commit your signature to gitian.sigs:

pushd gitian.sigs
git add ${VERSION}-linux/${SIGNER}
git add ${VERSION}-win-unsigned/${SIGNER}
git add ${VERSION}-osx-unsigned/${SIGNER}
git commit -a
git push  # Assuming you can push to the gitian.sigs tree

Wait for Windows/OS X detached signatures:

Once the Windows/OS X builds each have 3 matching signatures, they will be signed with their respective release keys.
Detached signatures will then be committed to the [bitcoin-detached-sigs]( repository, which can be combined with the unsigned apps to create signed binaries.

Create (and optionally verify) the signed OS X binary:

pushd ./gitian-builder
./bin/gbuild -i --commit signature=v${VERSION} ../bitcoin/contrib/gitian-descriptors/gitian-osx-signer.yml
./bin/gsign --signer $SIGNER --release ${VERSION}-osx-signed --destination ../gitian.sigs/ ../bitcoin/contrib/gitian-descriptors/gitian-osx-signer.yml
./bin/gverify -v -d ../gitian.sigs/ -r ${VERSION}-osx-signed ../bitcoin/contrib/gitian-descriptors/gitian-osx-signer.yml
mv build/out/bitcoin-osx-signed.dmg ../bitcoin-${VERSION}-osx.dmg

Create (and optionally verify) the signed Windows binaries:

pushd ./gitian-builder
./bin/gbuild -i --commit signature=v${VERSION} ../bitcoin/contrib/gitian-descriptors/gitian-win-signer.yml
./bin/gsign --signer $SIGNER --release ${VERSION}-win-signed --destination ../gitian.sigs/ ../bitcoin/contrib/gitian-descriptors/gitian-win-signer.yml
./bin/gverify -v -d ../gitian.sigs/ -r ${VERSION}-win-signed ../bitcoin/contrib/gitian-descriptors/gitian-win-signer.yml
mv build/out/bitcoin-*win64-setup.exe ../bitcoin-${VERSION}-win64-setup.exe
mv build/out/bitcoin-*win32-setup.exe ../bitcoin-${VERSION}-win32-setup.exe

Commit your signature for the signed OS X/Windows binaries:

pushd gitian.sigs
git add ${VERSION}-osx-signed/${SIGNER}
git add ${VERSION}-win-signed/${SIGNER}
git commit -a
git push  # Assuming you can push to the gitian.sigs tree

After 3 or more people have gitian-built and their results match:

  • Create SHA256SUMS.asc for the builds, and GPG-sign it:

    sha256sum * > SHA256SUMS
    gpg --digest-algo sha256 --clearsign SHA256SUMS # outputs SHA256SUMS.asc
    rm SHA256SUMS

    (the digest algorithm is forced to sha256 to avoid confusion of the Hash: header that GPG adds with the SHA256 used for the files) Note: check that SHA256SUMS itself doesn’t end up in SHA256SUMS, which is a spurious/nonsensical entry.

  • Upload zips and installers, as well as SHA256SUMS.asc from last step, to the server into /var/www/bin/bitcoin-core-${VERSION}

  • Update version

    • First, check to see if the maintainers have prepared a release:

      • If they have, it will have previously failed their Travis CI checks because the final release files weren’t uploaded. Trigger a Travis CI rebuild---if it passes, merge.
    • If they have not prepared a release, follow the release instructions:

    • After the pull request is merged, the website will automatically show the newest version within 15 minutes, as well as update the OS download links. Ping @saivann/@harding (saivann/harding on Freenode) in case anything goes wrong

  • Announce the release:

    • Release sticky on bitcointalk:

    • Bitcoin-development mailing list

    • Update title of #bitcoin on Freenode IRC

    • Optionally reddit /r/Bitcoin, … but this will usually sort out itself

  • Notify BlueMatt so that he can start building the PPAs

  • Add release notes for the new version to the directory doc/release-notes in git master

  • Celebrate