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# Copyright 2014 BitPay Inc.
# Copyright 2016 The Bitcoin Core developers
# Distributed under the MIT software license, see the accompanying
# file COPYING or
from __future__ import division,print_function,unicode_literals
import subprocess
import os
import json
import sys
import binascii
import difflib
import logging
import pprint
def parse_output(a, fmt):
"""Parse the output according to specified format.
Raise an error if the output can't be parsed."""
if fmt == 'json': # json: compare parsed data
return json.loads(a)
elif fmt == 'hex': # hex: parse and compare binary data
return binascii.a2b_hex(a.strip())
raise NotImplementedError("Don't know how to compare %s" % fmt)
def bctest(testDir, testObj, buildenv):
"""Runs a single test, comparing output and RC to expected output and RC.
Raises an error if input can't be read, executable fails, or output/RC
are not as expected. Error is caught by bctester() and reported.
# Get the exec names and arguments
execprog = buildenv.BUILDDIR + "/src/" + testObj['exec'] + buildenv.exeext
execargs = testObj['args']
execrun = [execprog] + execargs
# Read the input data (if there is any)
stdinCfg = None
inputData = None
if "input" in testObj:
filename = testDir + "/" + testObj['input']
inputData = open(filename).read()
stdinCfg = subprocess.PIPE
# Read the expected output data (if there is any)
outputFn = None
outputData = None
if "output_cmp" in testObj:
outputFn = testObj['output_cmp']
outputType = os.path.splitext(outputFn)[1][1:] # output type from file extension (determines how to compare)
outputData = open(testDir + "/" + outputFn).read()
logging.error("Output file " + outputFn + " can not be opened")
if not outputData:
logging.error("Output data missing for " + outputFn)
raise Exception
# Run the test
proc = subprocess.Popen(execrun, stdin=stdinCfg, stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.PIPE,universal_newlines=True)
outs = proc.communicate(input=inputData)
except OSError:
logging.error("OSError, Failed to execute " + execprog)
if outputData:
data_mismatch, formatting_mismatch = False, False
# Parse command output and expected output
a_parsed = parse_output(outs[0], outputType)
except Exception as e:
logging.error('Error parsing command output as %s: %s' % (outputType,e))
b_parsed = parse_output(outputData, outputType)
except Exception as e:
logging.error('Error parsing expected output %s as %s: %s' % (outputFn,outputType,e))
# Compare data
if a_parsed != b_parsed:
logging.error("Output data mismatch for " + outputFn + " (format " + outputType + ")")
data_mismatch = True
# Compare formatting
if outs[0] != outputData:
error_message = "Output formatting mismatch for " + outputFn + ":\n"
error_message += "".join(difflib.context_diff(outputData.splitlines(True),
formatting_mismatch = True
assert not data_mismatch and not formatting_mismatch
# Compare the return code to the expected return code
wantRC = 0
if "return_code" in testObj:
wantRC = testObj['return_code']
if proc.returncode != wantRC:
logging.error("Return code mismatch for " + outputFn)
raise Exception
if "error_txt" in testObj:
want_error = testObj["error_txt"]
# Compare error text
# TODO: ideally, we'd compare the strings exactly and also assert
# That stderr is empty if no errors are expected. However, bitcoin-tx
# emits DISPLAY errors when running as a windows application on
# linux through wine. Just assert that the expected error text appears
# somewhere in stderr.
if want_error not in outs[1]:
logging.error("Error mismatch:\n" + "Expected: " + want_error + "\nReceived: " + outs[1].rstrip())
raise Exception
def bctester(testDir, input_basename, buildenv):
""" Loads and parses the input file, runs all tests and reports results"""
input_filename = testDir + "/" + input_basename
raw_data = open(input_filename).read()
input_data = json.loads(raw_data)
failed_testcases = []
for testObj in input_data:
bctest(testDir, testObj, buildenv)"PASSED: " + testObj["description"])
except:"FAILED: " + testObj["description"])
if failed_testcases:
error_message = "FAILED_TESTCASES:\n"
error_message += pprint.pformat(failed_testcases, width=400)