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Wladimir J. van der Laan 97a34c28d5
Merge pull request #5051
7 年之前
.. contrib/linearize: Add feature to set file's timestamp based on block header time. 7 年之前
example-linearize.cfg contrib: make cope with out-of-order blocks 7 年之前 contrib: make cope with out-of-order blocks 7 年之前 contrib: use batched JSON-RPC in linarize-hashes 7 年之前


Construct a linear, no-fork, best version of the blockchain.

Step 1: Download hash list

$ ./ linearize.cfg > hashlist.txt

Required configuration file settings for linearize-hashes:

  • RPC: rpcuser, rpcpassword

Optional config file setting for linearize-hashes:

  • RPC: host, port
  • Block chain: min_height, max_height

Step 2: Copy local block data

$ ./ linearize.cfg

Required configuration file settings:

  • “input”: bitcoind blocks/ directory containing blkNNNNN.dat
  • “hashlist”: text file containing list of block hashes, output.
  • “output_file”: bootstrap.dat or
  • “output”: output directory for linearized blocks/blkNNNNN.dat output

Optional config file setting for linearize-data:

  • “netmagic”: network magic number
  • “max_out_sz”: maximum output file size (default 1000*1000*1000)
  • “split_timestamp”: Split files when a new month is first seen, in addition to reaching a maximum file size.
  • “file_timestamp”: Set each file’s last-modified time to that of the most recent block in that file.