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#include <QDialog>
namespace Ui {
class AddressBookPage;
class AddressTableModel;
class OptionsModel;
class QTableView;
class QItemSelection;
class QSortFilterProxyModel;
class QMenu;
class QModelIndex;
/** Widget that shows a list of sending or receiving addresses.
class AddressBookPage : public QDialog
enum Tabs {
SendingTab = 0,
ReceivingTab = 1
enum Mode {
ForSending, /**< Open address book to pick address for sending */
ForEditing /**< Open address book for editing */
explicit AddressBookPage(Mode mode, Tabs tab, QWidget *parent = 0);
void setModel(AddressTableModel *model);
void setOptionsModel(OptionsModel *optionsModel);
const QString &getReturnValue() const { return returnValue; }
public slots:
void done(int retval);
void exportClicked();
Ui::AddressBookPage *ui;
AddressTableModel *model;
OptionsModel *optionsModel;
Mode mode;
Tabs tab;
QString returnValue;
QSortFilterProxyModel *proxyModel;
QMenu *contextMenu;
QAction *deleteAction;
QString newAddressToSelect;
private slots:
void on_deleteButton_clicked();
void on_newAddressButton_clicked();
/** Copy address of currently selected address entry to clipboard */
void on_copyToClipboard_clicked();
void on_signMessage_clicked();
void on_verifyMessage_clicked();
void selectionChanged();
void on_showQRCode_clicked();
/** Spawn contextual menu (right mouse menu) for address book entry */
void contextualMenu(const QPoint &point);
/** Copy label of currently selected address entry to clipboard */
void onCopyLabelAction();
/** Edit currently selected address entry */
void onEditAction();
/** New entry/entries were added to address table */
void selectNewAddress(const QModelIndex &parent, int begin, int end);
void signMessage(QString addr);
void verifyMessage(QString addr);