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Bitcoin v0.3.24 is now available for download at

This is another bug fix release. We had hoped to have wallet encryption ready for release, but more urgent fixes for existing clients were needed -- most notably block download problems were getting severe. Wallet encryption is ready for testing at for the git-savvy, and hopefully will follow shortly in the next release, v0.4.

Notable fixes in v0.3.24, and the main reasons for this release:

F1) Block downloads were failing or taking unreasonable amounts of time to complete, because the increased size of the block chain was bumping up against some earlier buffer-size DoS limits.

F2) Fix crash caused by loss/lack of network connection.

Notable changes in v0.3.24:

C1) DNS seeding enabled by default.

C2) UPNP enabled by default in the GUI client. The percentage of bitcoin clients that accept incoming connections is quite small, and that is a problem. This should help. bitcoind, and unofficial builds, are unchanged (though we encourage use of "-upnp" to help the network!)

C3) Initial unit testing framework. Bitcoin sorely needs automated tests, and this is a beginning. Contributions welcome.

C4) Internal wallet code cleanup. While invisible to an end user, this change provides the basis for v0.4's wallet encryption.