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BIPs that are implemented by Bitcoin Core (up-to-date up to v0.12.0):

  • BIP 11: Multisig outputs are standard since v0.6.0 (PR #669).
  • BIP 13: The address format for P2SH addresses has been implemented since v0.6.0 (PR #669).
  • BIP 14: The subversion string is being used as User Agent since v0.6.0 (PR #669).
  • BIP 16: The pay-to-script-hash evaluation rules have been implemented since v0.6.0, and took effect on April 1st 2012 (PR #748).
  • BIP 21: The URI format for Bitcoin payments has been implemented since v0.6.0 (PR #176).
  • BIP 22: The ‘getblocktemplate’ (GBT) RPC protocol for mining has been implemented since v0.7.0 (PR #936).
  • BIP 23: Some extensions to GBT have been implemented since v0.10.0rc1, including longpolling and block proposals (PR #1816).
  • BIP 30: The evaluation rules to forbid creating new transactions with the same txid as previous not-fully-spent transactions were implemented since v0.6.0, and the rule took effect on March 15th 2012 (PR #915).
  • BIP 31: The ‘pong’ protocol message (and the protocol version bump to 60001) has been implemented since v0.6.1 (PR #1081).
  • BIP 34: The rule that requires blocks to contain their height (number) in the coinbase input, and the introduction of version 2 blocks has been implemented since v0.7.0. The rule took effect for version 2 blocks as of block 224413 (March 5th 2013), and version 1 blocks are no longer allowed since block 227931 (March 25th 2013) (PR #1526).
  • BIP 35: The ‘mempool’ protocol message (and the protocol version bump to 60002) has been implemented since v0.7.0 (PR #1641).
  • BIP 37: The bloom filtering for transaction relaying, partial merkle trees for blocks, and the protocol version bump to 70001 (enabling low-bandwidth SPV clients) has been implemented since v0.8.0 (PR #1795).
  • BIP 42: The bug that would have caused the subsidy schedule to resume after block 13440000 was fixed in v0.9.2 (PR #3842).
  • BIP 61: The ‘reject’ protocol message (and the protocol version bump to 70002) was added in v0.9.0 (PR #3185).
  • BIP 65: The CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY softfork was merged in v0.12.0 (PR #6351), and backported to v0.11.2 and v0.10.4. Mempool-only CLTV was added in PR #6124.
  • BIP 66: The strict DER rules and associated version 3 blocks have been implemented since v0.10.0 (PR #5713).
  • BIP 70 71 72: Payment Protocol support has been available in Bitcoin Core GUI since v0.9.0 (PR #5216).
  • BIP 111: NODE_BLOOM service bit added, but only enforced for peer versions >=70011 as of v0.12.0 (PR #6579).