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// Copyright (c) 2017-2017 The Bitcoin Core developers
// Distributed under the MIT software license, see the accompanying
// file COPYING or
#include <stdint.h>
#include <vector>
class CBlockIndex;
class CCoinsViewCache;
class CTransaction;
class CValidationState;
/** Transaction validation functions */
/** Context-independent validity checks */
bool CheckTransaction(const CTransaction& tx, CValidationState& state, bool fCheckDuplicateInputs=true);
namespace Consensus {
* Check whether all inputs of this transaction are valid (no double spends and amounts)
* This does not modify the UTXO set. This does not check scripts and sigs.
* Preconditions: tx.IsCoinBase() is false.
bool CheckTxInputs(const CTransaction& tx, CValidationState& state, const CCoinsViewCache& inputs, int nSpendHeight);
} // namespace Consensus
/** Auxiliary functions for transaction validation (ideally should not be exposed) */
* Count ECDSA signature operations the old-fashioned (pre-0.6) way
* @return number of sigops this transaction's outputs will produce when spent
* @see CTransaction::FetchInputs
unsigned int GetLegacySigOpCount(const CTransaction& tx);
* Count ECDSA signature operations in pay-to-script-hash inputs.
* @param[in] mapInputs Map of previous transactions that have outputs we're spending
* @return maximum number of sigops required to validate this transaction's inputs
* @see CTransaction::FetchInputs
unsigned int GetP2SHSigOpCount(const CTransaction& tx, const CCoinsViewCache& mapInputs);
* Compute total signature operation cost of a transaction.
* @param[in] tx Transaction for which we are computing the cost
* @param[in] inputs Map of previous transactions that have outputs we're spending
* @param[out] flags Script verification flags
* @return Total signature operation cost of tx
int64_t GetTransactionSigOpCost(const CTransaction& tx, const CCoinsViewCache& inputs, int flags);
* Check if transaction is final and can be included in a block with the
* specified height and time. Consensus critical.
bool IsFinalTx(const CTransaction &tx, int nBlockHeight, int64_t nBlockTime);
* Calculates the block height and previous block's median time past at
* which the transaction will be considered final in the context of BIP 68.
* Also removes from the vector of input heights any entries which did not
* correspond to sequence locked inputs as they do not affect the calculation.
std::pair<int, int64_t> CalculateSequenceLocks(const CTransaction &tx, int flags, std::vector<int>* prevHeights, const CBlockIndex& block);
bool EvaluateSequenceLocks(const CBlockIndex& block, std::pair<int, int64_t> lockPair);
* Check if transaction is final per BIP 68 sequence numbers and can be included in a block.
* Consensus critical. Takes as input a list of heights at which tx's inputs (in order) confirmed.
bool SequenceLocks(const CTransaction &tx, int flags, std::vector<int>* prevHeights, const CBlockIndex& block);