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gitian-descriptors Merge #7522: Bugfix: Only use git for build info if the repository is actually the right one 5 years ago
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init Merge #10451: contrib/init/bitcoind.openrcconf: Don't disable wallet by default 5 years ago
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Repository Tools

Developer tools

Specific tools for developers working on this repository. Contains the script for merging GitHub pull requests securely and signing them using GPG.


Tool to verify that every merge commit was signed by a developer using the above script.


Construct a linear, no-fork, best version of the blockchain.


A Linux bash script that will set up traffic control (tc) to limit the outgoing bandwidth for connections to the Bitcoin network. This means one can have an always-on bitcoind instance running, and another local bitcoind/bitcoin-qt instance which connects to this node and receives blocks from it.


Utility to generate the pnSeed[] array that is compiled into the client.

Build Tools and Keys


Contains files used to package bitcoind/bitcoin-qt for Debian-based Linux systems. If you compile bitcoind/bitcoin-qt yourself, there are some useful files here.


Notes on getting Gitian builds up and running using KVM.


PGP keys used for signing Bitcoin Core Gitian release results.


Scripts and notes for Mac builds.


RPM spec file for building bitcoin-core on RPM based distributions


Script for running full Gitian builds.

Test and Verify Tools


Utilities to generate test vectors for the data-driven Bitcoin tests.

Verify Binaries

This script attempts to download and verify the signature file SHA256SUMS.asc from