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// Copyright (c) 2009-2010 Satoshi Nakamoto
// Copyright (c) 2009-2013 The Bitcoin developers
// Distributed under the MIT/X11 software license, see the accompanying
// file COPYING or
#include <list>
#include "coins.h"
#include "core.h"
#include "sync.h"
inline bool AllowFree(double dPriority)
// Large (in bytes) low-priority (new, small-coin) transactions
// need a fee.
return dPriority > COIN * 144 / 250;
/** Fake height value used in CCoins to signify they are only in the memory pool (since 0.8) */
static const unsigned int MEMPOOL_HEIGHT = 0x7FFFFFFF;
* CTxMemPool stores these:
class CTxMemPoolEntry
CTransaction tx;
CAmount nFee; // Cached to avoid expensive parent-transaction lookups
size_t nTxSize; // ... and avoid recomputing tx size
size_t nModSize; // ... and modified size for priority
int64_t nTime; // Local time when entering the mempool
double dPriority; // Priority when entering the mempool
unsigned int nHeight; // Chain height when entering the mempool
CTxMemPoolEntry(const CTransaction& _tx, const CAmount& _nFee,
int64_t _nTime, double _dPriority, unsigned int _nHeight);
CTxMemPoolEntry(const CTxMemPoolEntry& other);
const CTransaction& GetTx() const { return this->tx; }
double GetPriority(unsigned int currentHeight) const;
CAmount GetFee() const { return nFee; }
size_t GetTxSize() const { return nTxSize; }
int64_t GetTime() const { return nTime; }
unsigned int GetHeight() const { return nHeight; }
class CMinerPolicyEstimator;
/** An inpoint - a combination of a transaction and an index n into its vin */
class CInPoint
const CTransaction* ptx;
uint32_t n;
CInPoint() { SetNull(); }
CInPoint(const CTransaction* ptxIn, uint32_t nIn) { ptx = ptxIn; n = nIn; }
void SetNull() { ptx = NULL; n = (uint32_t) -1; }
bool IsNull() const { return (ptx == NULL && n == (uint32_t) -1); }
* CTxMemPool stores valid-according-to-the-current-best-chain
* transactions that may be included in the next block.
* Transactions are added when they are seen on the network
* (or created by the local node), but not all transactions seen
* are added to the pool: if a new transaction double-spends
* an input of a transaction in the pool, it is dropped,
* as are non-standard transactions.
class CTxMemPool
bool fSanityCheck; // Normally false, true if -checkmempool or -regtest
unsigned int nTransactionsUpdated;
CMinerPolicyEstimator* minerPolicyEstimator;
CFeeRate minRelayFee; // Passed to constructor to avoid dependency on main
uint64_t totalTxSize; // sum of all mempool tx' byte sizes
mutable CCriticalSection cs;
std::map<uint256, CTxMemPoolEntry> mapTx;
std::map<COutPoint, CInPoint> mapNextTx;
std::map<uint256, std::pair<double, CAmount> > mapDeltas;
CTxMemPool(const CFeeRate& _minRelayFee);
* If sanity-checking is turned on, check makes sure the pool is
* consistent (does not contain two transactions that spend the same inputs,
* all inputs are in the mapNextTx array). If sanity-checking is turned off,
* check does nothing.
void check(const CCoinsViewCache *pcoins) const;
void setSanityCheck(bool _fSanityCheck) { fSanityCheck = _fSanityCheck; }
bool addUnchecked(const uint256& hash, const CTxMemPoolEntry &entry);
void remove(const CTransaction &tx, std::list<CTransaction>& removed, bool fRecursive = false);
void removeConflicts(const CTransaction &tx, std::list<CTransaction>& removed);
void removeForBlock(const std::vector<CTransaction>& vtx, unsigned int nBlockHeight,
std::list<CTransaction>& conflicts);
void clear();
void queryHashes(std::vector<uint256>& vtxid);
void pruneSpent(const uint256& hash, CCoins &coins);
unsigned int GetTransactionsUpdated() const;
void AddTransactionsUpdated(unsigned int n);
/** Affect CreateNewBlock prioritisation of transactions */
void PrioritiseTransaction(const uint256 hash, const std::string strHash, double dPriorityDelta, const CAmount& nFeeDelta);
void ApplyDeltas(const uint256 hash, double &dPriorityDelta, CAmount &nFeeDelta);
void ClearPrioritisation(const uint256 hash);
unsigned long size()
return mapTx.size();
uint64_t GetTotalTxSize()
return totalTxSize;
bool exists(uint256 hash)
return (mapTx.count(hash) != 0);
bool lookup(uint256 hash, CTransaction& result) const;
// Estimate fee rate needed to get into the next
// nBlocks
CFeeRate estimateFee(int nBlocks) const;
// Estimate priority needed to get into the next
// nBlocks
double estimatePriority(int nBlocks) const;
// Write/Read estimates to disk
bool WriteFeeEstimates(CAutoFile& fileout) const;
bool ReadFeeEstimates(CAutoFile& filein);
/** CCoinsView that brings transactions from a memorypool into view.
It does not check for spendings by memory pool transactions. */
class CCoinsViewMemPool : public CCoinsViewBacked
CTxMemPool &mempool;
CCoinsViewMemPool(CCoinsView *baseIn, CTxMemPool &mempoolIn);
bool GetCoins(const uint256 &txid, CCoins &coins) const;
bool HaveCoins(const uint256 &txid) const;