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// Copyright (c) 2017 The Starwels developers
// Distributed under the MIT software license, see the accompanying
// file COPYING or
#include <consensus/validation.h>
#include <wallet/coincontrol.h>
#include <wallet/feebumper.h>
#include <wallet/fees.h>
#include <wallet/wallet.h>
#include <policy/fees.h>
#include <policy/policy.h>
#include <policy/rbf.h>
#include <validation.h> //for mempool access
#include <txmempool.h>
#include <utilmoneystr.h>
#include <util.h>
#include <net.h>
// Calculate the size of the transaction assuming all signatures are max size
// Use DummySignatureCreator, which inserts 72 byte signatures everywhere.
// TODO: re-use this in CWallet::CreateTransaction (right now
// CreateTransaction uses the constructed dummy-signed tx to do a priority
// calculation, but we should be able to refactor after priority is removed).
// NOTE: this requires that all inputs must be in mapWallet (eg the tx should
// be IsAllFromMe).
static int64_t CalculateMaximumSignedTxSize(const CTransaction &tx, const CWallet *wallet)
CMutableTransaction txNew(tx);
std::vector<CInputCoin> vCoins;
// Look up the inputs. We should have already checked that this transaction
// IsAllFromMe(ISMINE_SPENDABLE), so every input should already be in our
// wallet, with a valid index into the vout array.
for (auto& input : {
const auto mi = wallet->mapWallet.find(input.prevout.hash);
assert(mi != wallet->mapWallet.end() && input.prevout.n < mi->second.tx->vout.size());
vCoins.emplace_back(CInputCoin(&(mi->second), input.prevout.n));
if (!wallet->DummySignTx(txNew, vCoins)) {
// This should never happen, because IsAllFromMe(ISMINE_SPENDABLE)
// implies that we can sign for every input.
return -1;
return GetVirtualTransactionSize(txNew);
//! Check whether transaction has descendant in wallet or mempool, or has been
//! mined, or conflicts with a mined transaction. Return a feebumper::Result.
static feebumper::Result PreconditionChecks(const CWallet* wallet, const CWalletTx& wtx, std::vector<std::string>& errors)
if (wallet->HasWalletSpend(wtx.GetHash())) {
errors.push_back("Transaction has descendants in the wallet");
return feebumper::Result::INVALID_PARAMETER;
auto it_mp = mempool.mapTx.find(wtx.GetHash());
if (it_mp != mempool.mapTx.end() && it_mp->GetCountWithDescendants() > 1) {
errors.push_back("Transaction has descendants in the mempool");
return feebumper::Result::INVALID_PARAMETER;
if (wtx.GetDepthInMainChain() != 0) {
errors.push_back("Transaction has been mined, or is conflicted with a mined transaction");
return feebumper::Result::WALLET_ERROR;
return feebumper::Result::OK;
namespace feebumper {
bool TransactionCanBeBumped(CWallet* wallet, const uint256& txid)
LOCK2(cs_main, wallet->cs_wallet);
const CWalletTx* wtx = wallet->GetWalletTx(txid);
return wtx && SignalsOptInRBF(*wtx->tx) && !wtx->mapValue.count("replaced_by_txid");
Result CreateTransaction(const CWallet* wallet, const uint256& txid, const CCoinControl& coin_control, CAmount total_fee, std::vector<std::string>& errors,
CAmount& old_fee, CAmount& new_fee, CMutableTransaction& mtx)
LOCK2(cs_main, wallet->cs_wallet);
auto it = wallet->mapWallet.find(txid);
if (it == wallet->mapWallet.end()) {
errors.push_back("Invalid or non-wallet transaction id");
const CWalletTx& wtx = it->second;
Result result = PreconditionChecks(wallet, wtx, errors);
if (result != Result::OK) {
return result;
if (!SignalsOptInRBF(*wtx.tx)) {
errors.push_back("Transaction is not BIP 125 replaceable");
return Result::WALLET_ERROR;
if (wtx.mapValue.count("replaced_by_txid")) {
errors.push_back(strprintf("Cannot bump transaction %s which was already bumped by transaction %s", txid.ToString(),"replaced_by_txid")));
return Result::WALLET_ERROR;
// check that original tx consists entirely of our inputs
// if not, we can't bump the fee, because the wallet has no way of knowing the value of the other inputs (thus the fee)
if (!wallet->IsAllFromMe(*wtx.tx, ISMINE_SPENDABLE)) {
errors.push_back("Transaction contains inputs that don't belong to this wallet");
return Result::WALLET_ERROR;
// figure out which output was change
// if there was no change output or multiple change outputs, fail
int nOutput = -1;
for (size_t i = 0; i < wtx.tx->vout.size(); ++i) {
if (wallet->IsChange(wtx.tx->vout[i])) {
if (nOutput != -1) {
errors.push_back("Transaction has multiple change outputs");
return Result::WALLET_ERROR;
nOutput = i;
if (nOutput == -1) {
errors.push_back("Transaction does not have a change output");
return Result::WALLET_ERROR;
// Calculate the expected size of the new transaction.
int64_t txSize = GetVirtualTransactionSize(*(wtx.tx));
const int64_t maxNewTxSize = CalculateMaximumSignedTxSize(*wtx.tx, wallet);
if (maxNewTxSize < 0) {
errors.push_back("Transaction contains inputs that cannot be signed");
// calculate the old fee and fee-rate
old_fee = wtx.GetDebit(ISMINE_SPENDABLE) - wtx.tx->GetValueOut();
CFeeRate nOldFeeRate(old_fee, txSize);
CFeeRate nNewFeeRate;
// The wallet uses a conservative WALLET_INCREMENTAL_RELAY_FEE value to
// future proof against changes to network wide policy for incremental relay
// fee that our node may not be aware of.
CFeeRate walletIncrementalRelayFee = CFeeRate(WALLET_INCREMENTAL_RELAY_FEE);
if (::incrementalRelayFee > walletIncrementalRelayFee) {
walletIncrementalRelayFee = ::incrementalRelayFee;
if (total_fee > 0) {
CAmount minTotalFee = nOldFeeRate.GetFee(maxNewTxSize) + ::incrementalRelayFee.GetFee(maxNewTxSize);
if (total_fee < minTotalFee) {
errors.push_back(strprintf("Insufficient totalFee, must be at least %s (oldFee %s + incrementalFee %s)",
FormatMoney(minTotalFee), FormatMoney(nOldFeeRate.GetFee(maxNewTxSize)), FormatMoney(::incrementalRelayFee.GetFee(maxNewTxSize))));
CAmount requiredFee = GetRequiredFee(maxNewTxSize);
if (total_fee < requiredFee) {
errors.push_back(strprintf("Insufficient totalFee (cannot be less than required fee %s)",
new_fee = total_fee;
nNewFeeRate = CFeeRate(total_fee, maxNewTxSize);
} else {
new_fee = GetMinimumFee(maxNewTxSize, coin_control, mempool, ::feeEstimator, nullptr /* FeeCalculation */);
nNewFeeRate = CFeeRate(new_fee, maxNewTxSize);
// New fee rate must be at least old rate + minimum incremental relay rate
// walletIncrementalRelayFee.GetFeePerK() should be exact, because it's initialized
// in that unit (fee per kb).
// However, nOldFeeRate is a calculated value from the tx fee/size, so
// add 1 satoshi to the result, because it may have been rounded down.
if (nNewFeeRate.GetFeePerK() < nOldFeeRate.GetFeePerK() + 1 + walletIncrementalRelayFee.GetFeePerK()) {
nNewFeeRate = CFeeRate(nOldFeeRate.GetFeePerK() + 1 + walletIncrementalRelayFee.GetFeePerK());
new_fee = nNewFeeRate.GetFee(maxNewTxSize);
// Check that in all cases the new fee doesn't violate maxTxFee
if (new_fee > maxTxFee) {
errors.push_back(strprintf("Specified or calculated fee %s is too high (cannot be higher than maxTxFee %s)",
FormatMoney(new_fee), FormatMoney(maxTxFee)));
return Result::WALLET_ERROR;
// check that fee rate is higher than mempool's minimum fee
// (no point in bumping fee if we know that the new tx won't be accepted to the mempool)
// This may occur if the user set TotalFee or paytxfee too low, if fallbackfee is too low, or, perhaps,
// in a rare situation where the mempool minimum fee increased significantly since the fee estimation just a
// moment earlier. In this case, we report an error to the user, who may use total_fee to make an adjustment.
CFeeRate minMempoolFeeRate = mempool.GetMinFee(gArgs.GetArg("-maxmempool", DEFAULT_MAX_MEMPOOL_SIZE) * 1000000);
if (nNewFeeRate.GetFeePerK() < minMempoolFeeRate.GetFeePerK()) {
"New fee rate (%s) is lower than the minimum fee rate (%s) to get into the mempool -- "
"the totalFee value should be at least %s or the settxfee value should be at least %s to add transaction",
return Result::WALLET_ERROR;
// Now modify the output to increase the fee.
// If the output is not large enough to pay the fee, fail.
CAmount nDelta = new_fee - old_fee;
assert(nDelta > 0);
mtx = *wtx.tx;
CTxOut* poutput = &(mtx.vout[nOutput]);
if (poutput->nValue < nDelta) {
errors.push_back("Change output is too small to bump the fee");
return Result::WALLET_ERROR;
// If the output would become dust, discard it (converting the dust to fee)
poutput->nValue -= nDelta;
if (poutput->nValue <= GetDustThreshold(*poutput, ::dustRelayFee)) {
LogPrint(BCLog::RPC, "Bumping fee and discarding dust output\n");
new_fee += poutput->nValue;
mtx.vout.erase(mtx.vout.begin() + nOutput);
// Mark new tx not replaceable, if requested.
if (!coin_control.signalRbf) {
for (auto& input : {
if (input.nSequence < 0xfffffffe) input.nSequence = 0xfffffffe;
return Result::OK;
bool SignTransaction(CWallet* wallet, CMutableTransaction& mtx) {
LOCK2(cs_main, wallet->cs_wallet);
return wallet->SignTransaction(mtx);
Result CommitTransaction(CWallet* wallet, const uint256& txid, CMutableTransaction&& mtx, std::vector<std::string>& errors, uint256& bumped_txid)
LOCK2(cs_main, wallet->cs_wallet);
if (!errors.empty()) {
return Result::MISC_ERROR;
auto it = txid.IsNull() ? wallet->mapWallet.end() : wallet->mapWallet.find(txid);
if (it == wallet->mapWallet.end()) {
errors.push_back("Invalid or non-wallet transaction id");
return Result::MISC_ERROR;
CWalletTx& oldWtx = it->second;
// make sure the transaction still has no descendants and hasn't been mined in the meantime
Result result = PreconditionChecks(wallet, oldWtx, errors);
if (result != Result::OK) {
return result;
CWalletTx wtxBumped(wallet, MakeTransactionRef(std::move(mtx)));
// commit/broadcast the tx
CReserveKey reservekey(wallet);
wtxBumped.mapValue = oldWtx.mapValue;
wtxBumped.mapValue["replaces_txid"] = oldWtx.GetHash().ToString();
wtxBumped.vOrderForm = oldWtx.vOrderForm;
wtxBumped.strFromAccount = oldWtx.strFromAccount;
wtxBumped.fTimeReceivedIsTxTime = true;
wtxBumped.fFromMe = true;
CValidationState state;
if (!wallet->CommitTransaction(wtxBumped, reservekey, g_connman.get(), state)) {
// NOTE: CommitTransaction never returns false, so this should never happen.
errors.push_back(strprintf("The transaction was rejected: %s", state.GetRejectReason()));
return Result::WALLET_ERROR;
bumped_txid = wtxBumped.GetHash();
if (state.IsInvalid()) {
// This can happen if the mempool rejected the transaction. Report
// what happened in the "errors" response.
errors.push_back(strprintf("Error: The transaction was rejected: %s", FormatStateMessage(state)));
// mark the original tx as bumped
if (!wallet->MarkReplaced(oldWtx.GetHash(), wtxBumped.GetHash())) {
// TODO: see if JSON-RPC has a standard way of returning a response
// along with an exception. It would be good to return information about
// wtxBumped to the caller even if marking the original transaction
// replaced does not succeed for some reason.
errors.push_back("Created new bumpfee transaction but could not mark the original transaction as replaced");
return Result::OK;
} // namespace feebumper