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// Copyright (c) 2009-2010 Satoshi Nakamoto
// Copyright (c) 2009-2017 The Starwels developers
// Distributed under the MIT software license, see the accompanying
// file COPYING or
#include <script/interpreter.h>
#include <uint256.h>
#include <boost/variant.hpp>
#include <stdint.h>
static const bool DEFAULT_ACCEPT_DATACARRIER = true;
class CKeyID;
class CScript;
/** A reference to a CScript: the Hash160 of its serialization (see script.h) */
class CScriptID : public uint160
CScriptID() : uint160() {}
CScriptID(const CScript& in);
CScriptID(const uint160& in) : uint160(in) {}
* Default setting for nMaxDatacarrierBytes. 80 bytes of data, +1 for OP_RETURN,
* +2 for the pushdata opcodes.
static const unsigned int MAX_OP_RETURN_RELAY = 83;
* A data carrying output is an unspendable output containing data. The script
* type is designated as TX_NULL_DATA.
extern bool fAcceptDatacarrier;
/** Maximum size of TX_NULL_DATA scripts that this node considers standard. */
extern unsigned nMaxDatacarrierBytes;
* Mandatory script verification flags that all new blocks must comply with for
* them to be valid. (but old blocks may not comply with) Currently just P2SH,
* but in the future other flags may be added, such as a soft-fork to enforce
* strict DER encoding.
* Failing one of these tests may trigger a DoS ban - see CheckInputs() for
* details.
enum txnouttype
// 'standard' transaction types:
TX_NULL_DATA, //!< unspendable OP_RETURN script that carries data
TX_WITNESS_UNKNOWN, //!< Only for Witness versions not already defined above
class CNoDestination {
friend bool operator==(const CNoDestination &a, const CNoDestination &b) { return true; }
friend bool operator<(const CNoDestination &a, const CNoDestination &b) { return true; }
struct WitnessV0ScriptHash : public uint256
WitnessV0ScriptHash() : uint256() {}
explicit WitnessV0ScriptHash(const uint256& hash) : uint256(hash) {}
using uint256::uint256;
struct WitnessV0KeyHash : public uint160
WitnessV0KeyHash() : uint160() {}
explicit WitnessV0KeyHash(const uint160& hash) : uint160(hash) {}
using uint160::uint160;
//! CTxDestination subtype to encode any future Witness version
struct WitnessUnknown
unsigned int version;
unsigned int length;
unsigned char program[40];
friend bool operator==(const WitnessUnknown& w1, const WitnessUnknown& w2) {
if (w1.version != w2.version) return false;
if (w1.length != w2.length) return false;
return std::equal(w1.program, w1.program + w1.length, w2.program);
friend bool operator<(const WitnessUnknown& w1, const WitnessUnknown& w2) {
if (w1.version < w2.version) return true;
if (w1.version > w2.version) return false;
if (w1.length < w2.length) return true;
if (w1.length > w2.length) return false;
return std::lexicographical_compare(w1.program, w1.program + w1.length, w2.program, w2.program + w2.length);
* A txout script template with a specific destination. It is either:
* * CNoDestination: no destination set
* * CKeyID: TX_PUBKEYHASH destination (P2PKH)
* * CScriptID: TX_SCRIPTHASH destination (P2SH)
* * WitnessV0ScriptHash: TX_WITNESS_V0_SCRIPTHASH destination (P2WSH)
* * WitnessV0KeyHash: TX_WITNESS_V0_KEYHASH destination (P2WPKH)
* * WitnessUnknown: TX_WITNESS_UNKNOWN destination (P2W???)
* A CTxDestination is the internal data type encoded in a starwels address
typedef boost::variant<CNoDestination, CKeyID, CScriptID, WitnessV0ScriptHash, WitnessV0KeyHash, WitnessUnknown> CTxDestination;
/** Check whether a CTxDestination is a CNoDestination. */
bool IsValidDestination(const CTxDestination& dest);
/** Get the name of a txnouttype as a C string, or nullptr if unknown. */
const char* GetTxnOutputType(txnouttype t);
* Parse a scriptPubKey and identify script type for standard scripts. If
* successful, returns script type and parsed pubkeys or hashes, depending on
* the type. For example, for a P2SH script, vSolutionsRet will contain the
* script hash, for P2PKH it will contain the key hash, etc.
* @param[in] scriptPubKey Script to parse
* @param[out] typeRet The script type
* @param[out] vSolutionsRet Vector of parsed pubkeys and hashes
* @return True if script matches standard template
bool Solver(const CScript& scriptPubKey, txnouttype& typeRet, std::vector<std::vector<unsigned char> >& vSolutionsRet);
* Parse a standard scriptPubKey for the destination address. Assigns result to
* the addressRet parameter and returns true if successful. For multisig
* scripts, instead use ExtractDestinations. Currently only works for P2PK,
* P2PKH, P2SH, P2WPKH, and P2WSH scripts.
bool ExtractDestination(const CScript& scriptPubKey, CTxDestination& addressRet);
* Parse a standard scriptPubKey with one or more destination addresses. For
* multisig scripts, this populates the addressRet vector with the pubkey IDs
* and nRequiredRet with the n required to spend. For other destinations,
* addressRet is populated with a single value and nRequiredRet is set to 1.
* Returns true if successful. Currently does not extract address from
* pay-to-witness scripts.
* Note: this function confuses destinations (a subset of CScripts that are
* encodable as an address) with key identifiers (of keys involved in a
* CScript), and its use should be phased out.
bool ExtractDestinations(const CScript& scriptPubKey, txnouttype& typeRet, std::vector<CTxDestination>& addressRet, int& nRequiredRet);
* Generate a Starwels scriptPubKey for the given CTxDestination. Returns a P2PKH
* script for a CKeyID destination, a P2SH script for a CScriptID, and an empty
* script for CNoDestination.
CScript GetScriptForDestination(const CTxDestination& dest);
/** Generate a P2PK script for the given pubkey. */
CScript GetScriptForRawPubKey(const CPubKey& pubkey);
/** Generate a multisig script. */
CScript GetScriptForMultisig(int nRequired, const std::vector<CPubKey>& keys);
* Generate a pay-to-witness script for the given redeem script. If the redeem
* script is P2PK or P2PKH, this returns a P2WPKH script, otherwise it returns a
* P2WSH script.
* TODO: replace calls to GetScriptForWitness with GetScriptForDestination using
* the various witness-specific CTxDestination subtypes.
CScript GetScriptForWitness(const CScript& redeemscript);