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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# Copyright (c) 2014-2016 The Bitcoin Core developers
# Distributed under the MIT software license, see the accompanying
# file COPYING or
"""Test spending coinbase transactions.
The coinbase transaction in block N can appear in block
N+100... so is valid in the mempool when the best block
height is N+99.
This test makes sure coinbase spends that will be mature
in the next block are accepted into the memory pool,
but less mature coinbase spends are NOT.
from test_framework.test_framework import BitcoinTestFramework
from test_framework.util import *
# Create one-input, one-output, no-fee transaction:
class MempoolSpendCoinbaseTest(BitcoinTestFramework):
def __init__(self):
self.num_nodes = 1
self.setup_clean_chain = False
def setup_network(self):
# Just need one node for this test
args = ["-checkmempool"]
self.nodes = []
self.nodes.append(start_node(0, self.options.tmpdir, args))
self.is_network_split = False
def run_test(self):
chain_height = self.nodes[0].getblockcount()
assert_equal(chain_height, 200)
node0_address = self.nodes[0].getnewaddress()
# Coinbase at height chain_height-100+1 ok in mempool, should
# get mined. Coinbase at height chain_height-100+2 is
# is too immature to spend.
b = [ self.nodes[0].getblockhash(n) for n in range(101, 103) ]
coinbase_txids = [ self.nodes[0].getblock(h)['tx'][0] for h in b ]
spends_raw = [ create_tx(self.nodes[0], txid, node0_address, 49.99) for txid in coinbase_txids ]
spend_101_id = self.nodes[0].sendrawtransaction(spends_raw[0])
# coinbase at height 102 should be too immature to spend
assert_raises(JSONRPCException, self.nodes[0].sendrawtransaction, spends_raw[1])
# mempool should have just spend_101:
assert_equal(self.nodes[0].getrawmempool(), [ spend_101_id ])
# mine a block, spend_101 should get confirmed
assert_equal(set(self.nodes[0].getrawmempool()), set())
# ... and now height 102 can be spent:
spend_102_id = self.nodes[0].sendrawtransaction(spends_raw[1])
assert_equal(self.nodes[0].getrawmempool(), [ spend_102_id ])
if __name__ == '__main__':