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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# Copyright (c) 2016 The Bitcoin Core developers
# Distributed under the MIT software license, see the accompanying
# file COPYING or
"""Test the bumpfee RPC."""
from segwit import send_to_witness
from test_framework.test_framework import BitcoinTestFramework
from test_framework import blocktools
from test_framework.mininode import CTransaction
from test_framework.util import *
import io
# Sequence number that is BIP 125 opt-in and BIP 68-compliant
BIP125_SEQUENCE_NUMBER = 0xfffffffd
class BumpFeeTest(BitcoinTestFramework):
def __init__(self):
self.num_nodes = 2
self.setup_clean_chain = True
def setup_network(self, split=False):
extra_args = [["-prematurewitness", "-walletprematurewitness", "-walletrbf={}".format(i)]
for i in range(self.num_nodes)]
self.nodes = start_nodes(self.num_nodes, self.options.tmpdir, extra_args)
# Encrypt wallet for test_locked_wallet_fails test
self.nodes[1] = start_node(1, self.options.tmpdir, extra_args[1])
connect_nodes_bi(self.nodes, 0, 1)
self.is_network_split = False
def run_test(self):
peer_node, rbf_node = self.nodes
rbf_node_address = rbf_node.getnewaddress()
# fund rbf node with 10 coins of 0.001 btc (100,000 satoshis)
print("Mining blocks...")
for i in range(25):
peer_node.sendtoaddress(rbf_node_address, 0.001)
assert_equal(rbf_node.getbalance(), Decimal("0.025"))
print("Running tests")
dest_address = peer_node.getnewaddress()
test_small_output_fails(rbf_node, dest_address)
test_dust_to_fee(rbf_node, dest_address)
test_simple_bumpfee_succeeds(rbf_node, peer_node, dest_address)
test_segwit_bumpfee_succeeds(rbf_node, dest_address)
test_nonrbf_bumpfee_fails(peer_node, dest_address)
test_notmine_bumpfee_fails(rbf_node, peer_node, dest_address)
test_bumpfee_with_descendant_fails(rbf_node, rbf_node_address, dest_address)
test_settxfee(rbf_node, dest_address)
test_rebumping(rbf_node, dest_address)
test_rebumping_not_replaceable(rbf_node, dest_address)
test_unconfirmed_not_spendable(rbf_node, rbf_node_address)
test_bumpfee_metadata(rbf_node, dest_address)
test_locked_wallet_fails(rbf_node, dest_address)
def test_simple_bumpfee_succeeds(rbf_node, peer_node, dest_address):
rbfid = create_fund_sign_send(rbf_node, {dest_address: 0.00090000})
rbftx = rbf_node.gettransaction(rbfid)
sync_mempools((rbf_node, peer_node))
assert rbfid in rbf_node.getrawmempool() and rbfid in peer_node.getrawmempool()
bumped_tx = rbf_node.bumpfee(rbfid)
assert bumped_tx["fee"] - abs(rbftx["fee"]) > 0
# check that bumped_tx propogates, original tx was evicted and has a wallet conflict
sync_mempools((rbf_node, peer_node))
assert bumped_tx["txid"] in rbf_node.getrawmempool()
assert bumped_tx["txid"] in peer_node.getrawmempool()
assert rbfid not in rbf_node.getrawmempool()
assert rbfid not in peer_node.getrawmempool()
oldwtx = rbf_node.gettransaction(rbfid)
assert len(oldwtx["walletconflicts"]) > 0
# check wallet transaction replaces and replaced_by values
bumpedwtx = rbf_node.gettransaction(bumped_tx["txid"])
assert_equal(oldwtx["replaced_by_txid"], bumped_tx["txid"])
assert_equal(bumpedwtx["replaces_txid"], rbfid)
def test_segwit_bumpfee_succeeds(rbf_node, dest_address):
# Create a transaction with segwit output, then create an RBF transaction
# which spends it, and make sure bumpfee can be called on it.
segwit_in = next(u for u in rbf_node.listunspent() if u["amount"] == Decimal("0.001"))
segwit_out = rbf_node.validateaddress(rbf_node.getnewaddress())
segwitid = send_to_witness(
rbfraw = rbf_node.createrawtransaction([{
'txid': segwitid,
'vout': 0,
"sequence": BIP125_SEQUENCE_NUMBER
}], {dest_address: Decimal("0.0005"),
get_change_address(rbf_node): Decimal("0.0003")})
rbfsigned = rbf_node.signrawtransaction(rbfraw)
rbfid = rbf_node.sendrawtransaction(rbfsigned["hex"])
assert rbfid in rbf_node.getrawmempool()
bumped_tx = rbf_node.bumpfee(rbfid)
assert bumped_tx["txid"] in rbf_node.getrawmempool()
assert rbfid not in rbf_node.getrawmempool()
def test_nonrbf_bumpfee_fails(peer_node, dest_address):
# cannot replace a non RBF transaction (from node which did not enable RBF)
not_rbfid = create_fund_sign_send(peer_node, {dest_address: 0.00090000})
assert_raises_jsonrpc(-4, "not BIP 125 replaceable", peer_node.bumpfee, not_rbfid)
def test_notmine_bumpfee_fails(rbf_node, peer_node, dest_address):
# cannot bump fee unless the tx has only inputs that we own.
# here, the rbftx has a peer_node coin and then adds a rbf_node input
# Note that this test depends upon the RPC code checking input ownership prior to change outputs
# (since it can't use fundrawtransaction, it lacks a proper change output)
utxos = [node.listunspent()[-1] for node in (rbf_node, peer_node)]
inputs = [{
"txid": utxo["txid"],
"vout": utxo["vout"],
"address": utxo["address"],
"sequence": BIP125_SEQUENCE_NUMBER
} for utxo in utxos]
output_val = sum(utxo["amount"] for utxo in utxos) - Decimal("0.001")
rawtx = rbf_node.createrawtransaction(inputs, {dest_address: output_val})
signedtx = rbf_node.signrawtransaction(rawtx)
signedtx = peer_node.signrawtransaction(signedtx["hex"])
rbfid = rbf_node.sendrawtransaction(signedtx["hex"])
assert_raises_jsonrpc(-4, "Transaction contains inputs that don't belong to this wallet",
rbf_node.bumpfee, rbfid)
def test_bumpfee_with_descendant_fails(rbf_node, rbf_node_address, dest_address):
# cannot bump fee if the transaction has a descendant
# parent is send-to-self, so we don't have to check which output is change when creating the child tx
parent_id = create_fund_sign_send(rbf_node, {rbf_node_address: 0.00050000})
tx = rbf_node.createrawtransaction([{"txid": parent_id, "vout": 0}], {dest_address: 0.00020000})
tx = rbf_node.signrawtransaction(tx)
txid = rbf_node.sendrawtransaction(tx["hex"])
assert_raises_jsonrpc(-8, "Transaction has descendants in the wallet", rbf_node.bumpfee, parent_id)
def test_small_output_fails(rbf_node, dest_address):
# cannot bump fee with a too-small output
rbfid = spend_one_input(rbf_node,
{dest_address: 0.00080000,
get_change_address(rbf_node): Decimal("0.00010000")})
rbf_node.bumpfee(rbfid, {"totalFee": 20000})
rbfid = spend_one_input(rbf_node,
{dest_address: 0.00080000,
get_change_address(rbf_node): Decimal("0.00010000")})
assert_raises_jsonrpc(-4, "Change output is too small", rbf_node.bumpfee, rbfid, {"totalFee": 20001})
def test_dust_to_fee(rbf_node, dest_address):
# check that if output is reduced to dust, it will be converted to fee
# the bumped tx sets fee=9900, but it converts to 10,000
rbfid = spend_one_input(rbf_node,
{dest_address: 0.00080000,
get_change_address(rbf_node): Decimal("0.00010000")})
fulltx = rbf_node.getrawtransaction(rbfid, 1)
bumped_tx = rbf_node.bumpfee(rbfid, {"totalFee": 19900})
full_bumped_tx = rbf_node.getrawtransaction(bumped_tx["txid"], 1)
assert_equal(bumped_tx["fee"], Decimal("0.00020000"))
assert_equal(len(fulltx["vout"]), 2)
assert_equal(len(full_bumped_tx["vout"]), 1) #change output is eliminated
def test_settxfee(rbf_node, dest_address):
# check that bumpfee reacts correctly to the use of settxfee (paytxfee)
# increase feerate by 2.5x, test that fee increased at least 2x
rbfid = create_fund_sign_send(rbf_node, {dest_address: 0.00090000})
rbftx = rbf_node.gettransaction(rbfid)
bumped_tx = rbf_node.bumpfee(rbfid)
assert bumped_tx["fee"] > 2 * abs(rbftx["fee"])
rbf_node.settxfee(Decimal("0.00000000")) # unset paytxfee
def test_rebumping(rbf_node, dest_address):
# check that re-bumping the original tx fails, but bumping the bumper succeeds
rbfid = create_fund_sign_send(rbf_node, {dest_address: 0.00090000})
bumped = rbf_node.bumpfee(rbfid, {"totalFee": 1000})
assert_raises_jsonrpc(-4, "already bumped", rbf_node.bumpfee, rbfid, {"totalFee": 2000})
rbf_node.bumpfee(bumped["txid"], {"totalFee": 2000})
def test_rebumping_not_replaceable(rbf_node, dest_address):
# check that re-bumping a non-replaceable bump tx fails
rbfid = create_fund_sign_send(rbf_node, {dest_address: 0.00090000})
bumped = rbf_node.bumpfee(rbfid, {"totalFee": 10000, "replaceable": False})
assert_raises_jsonrpc(-4, "Transaction is not BIP 125 replaceable", rbf_node.bumpfee, bumped["txid"],
{"totalFee": 20000})
def test_unconfirmed_not_spendable(rbf_node, rbf_node_address):
# check that unconfirmed outputs from bumped transactions are not spendable
rbfid = create_fund_sign_send(rbf_node, {rbf_node_address: 0.00090000})
rbftx = rbf_node.gettransaction(rbfid)["hex"]
assert rbfid in rbf_node.getrawmempool()
bumpid = rbf_node.bumpfee(rbfid)["txid"]
assert bumpid in rbf_node.getrawmempool()
assert rbfid not in rbf_node.getrawmempool()
# check that outputs from the bump transaction are not spendable
# due to the replaces_txid check in CWallet::AvailableCoins
assert_equal([t for t in rbf_node.listunspent(minconf=0, include_unsafe=False) if t["txid"] == bumpid], [])
# submit a block with the rbf tx to clear the bump tx out of the mempool,
# then call abandon to make sure the wallet doesn't attempt to resubmit the
# bump tx, then invalidate the block so the rbf tx will be put back in the
# mempool. this makes it possible to check whether the rbf tx outputs are
# spendable before the rbf tx is confirmed.
block = submit_block_with_tx(rbf_node, rbftx)
assert bumpid not in rbf_node.getrawmempool()
assert rbfid in rbf_node.getrawmempool()
# check that outputs from the rbf tx are not spendable before the
# transaction is confirmed, due to the replaced_by_txid check in
# CWallet::AvailableCoins
assert_equal([t for t in rbf_node.listunspent(minconf=0, include_unsafe=False) if t["txid"] == rbfid], [])
# check that the main output from the rbf tx is spendable after confirmed
sum(1 for t in rbf_node.listunspent(minconf=0, include_unsafe=False)
if t["txid"] == rbfid and t["address"] == rbf_node_address and t["spendable"]), 1)
def test_bumpfee_metadata(rbf_node, dest_address):
rbfid = rbf_node.sendtoaddress(dest_address, 0.00090000, "comment value", "to value")
bumped_tx = rbf_node.bumpfee(rbfid)
bumped_wtx = rbf_node.gettransaction(bumped_tx["txid"])
assert_equal(bumped_wtx["comment"], "comment value")
assert_equal(bumped_wtx["to"], "to value")
def test_locked_wallet_fails(rbf_node, dest_address):
rbfid = create_fund_sign_send(rbf_node, {dest_address: 0.00090000})
assert_raises_jsonrpc(-13, "Please enter the wallet passphrase with walletpassphrase first.",
rbf_node.bumpfee, rbfid)
def create_fund_sign_send(node, outputs):
rawtx = node.createrawtransaction([], outputs)
fundtx = node.fundrawtransaction(rawtx)
signedtx = node.signrawtransaction(fundtx["hex"])
txid = node.sendrawtransaction(signedtx["hex"])
return txid
def spend_one_input(node, input_amount, outputs):
input = dict(sequence=BIP125_SEQUENCE_NUMBER, **next(u for u in node.listunspent() if u["amount"] == input_amount))
rawtx = node.createrawtransaction([input], outputs)
signedtx = node.signrawtransaction(rawtx)
txid = node.sendrawtransaction(signedtx["hex"])
return txid
def get_change_address(node):
"""Get a wallet change address.
There is no wallet RPC to access unused change addresses, so this creates a
dummy transaction, calls fundrawtransaction to give add an input and change
output, then returns the change address."""
dest_address = node.getnewaddress()
dest_amount = Decimal("0.00012345")
rawtx = node.createrawtransaction([], {dest_address: dest_amount})
fundtx = node.fundrawtransaction(rawtx)
info = node.decoderawtransaction(fundtx["hex"])
return next(address for out in info["vout"]
if out["value"] != dest_amount for address in out["scriptPubKey"]["addresses"])
def submit_block_with_tx(node, tx):
ctx = CTransaction()
tip = node.getbestblockhash()
height = node.getblockcount() + 1
block_time = node.getblockheader(tip)["mediantime"] + 1
block = blocktools.create_block(int(tip, 16), blocktools.create_coinbase(height), block_time)
block.hashMerkleRoot = block.calc_merkle_root()
return block
if __name__ == "__main__":