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The QT GUI can be easily be translated into other languages. Here's how we handle those translations.

Files and Folders

This file takes care of generating .qm files from .ts files. It is mostly automated.


This file must be updated whenever a new translation is added. Please note that files must end with .qm, not .ts.

<qresource prefix="/translations">
    <file alias="en">locale/bitcoin_en.qm</file>


This directory contains all translations. Filenames must adhere to this format:

bitcoin_xx_YY.ts or bitcoin_xx.ts

Source file

src/qt/locale/bitcoin_en.ts is a treated in a special way. It is used as the source for all other translations. Whenever a string in the code is change this file must be updated to reflect those changes. Usually, this can be accomplished by running lupdate

Syncing with transifex

We are using as a frontend for translating the client.

The "transifex client": will help with fetching new translations from transifex.


host =

file_filter = src/qt/locale/bitcoin_<lang>.ts
source_file = src/qt/locale/bitcoin_en.ts
source_lang = en

Fetching new translations

  1. tx pull -a
  2. update src/qt/bitcoin.qrc ls src/qt/locale/*ts|xargs -n1 basename|sed 's/\(bitcoin_\(.*\)\).ts/<file alias="\2">locale/\1.qm<\/file>/'
  3. git add new translations from src/qt/locale/