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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# Copyright (c) 2014-2016 The Bitcoin Core developers
# Distributed under the MIT software license, see the accompanying
# file COPYING or
from test_framework.test_framework import BitcoinTestFramework
from test_framework.util import (start_nodes, connect_nodes, sync_blocks, assert_equal)
from decimal import Decimal
import collections
import enum
import itertools
import functools
Call = enum.Enum("Call", "single multi")
Data = enum.Enum("Data", "address pub priv")
ImportNode = collections.namedtuple("ImportNode", "rescan")
def call_import_rpc(call, data, address, scriptPubKey, pubkey, key, label, node, rescan):
"""Helper that calls a wallet import RPC on a bitcoin node."""
watchonly = data != Data.priv
if call == Call.single:
if data == Data.address:
response = node.importaddress(address, label, rescan)
elif data ==
response = node.importpubkey(pubkey, label, rescan)
elif data == Data.priv:
response = node.importprivkey(key, label, rescan)
assert_equal(response, None)
elif call == Call.multi:
response = node.importmulti([{
"scriptPubKey": {
"address": address
"pubkeys": [pubkey] if data == else [],
"keys": [key] if data == Data.priv else [],
"label": label,
"watchonly": watchonly
}], {"rescan": rescan})
assert_equal(response, [{"success": True}])
return watchonly
# List of RPCs that import a wallet key or address in various ways.
IMPORT_RPCS = [functools.partial(call_import_rpc, call, data) for call, data in itertools.product(Call, Data)]
# List of bitcoind nodes that will import keys.
class ImportRescanTest(BitcoinTestFramework):
def __init__(self):
self.num_nodes = 1 + len(IMPORT_NODES)
def setup_network(self):
extra_args = [["-debug=1"] for _ in range(self.num_nodes)]
self.nodes = start_nodes(self.num_nodes, self.options.tmpdir, extra_args)
for i in range(1, self.num_nodes):
connect_nodes(self.nodes[i], 0)
def run_test(self):
# Create one transaction on node 0 with a unique amount and label for
# each possible type of wallet import RPC.
import_rpc_variants = []
for i, import_rpc in enumerate(IMPORT_RPCS):
label = "label{}".format(i)
addr = self.nodes[0].validateaddress(self.nodes[0].getnewaddress(label))
key = self.nodes[0].dumpprivkey(addr["address"])
amount = 24.9375 - i * .0625
txid = self.nodes[0].sendtoaddress(addr["address"], amount)
import_rpc = functools.partial(import_rpc, addr["address"], addr["scriptPubKey"], addr["pubkey"], key,
import_rpc_variants.append((import_rpc, label, amount, txid, addr))
assert_equal(self.nodes[0].getrawmempool(), [])
# For each importing node and variation of wallet import RPC, invoke
# the RPC and check the results from getbalance and listtransactions.
for node, import_node in zip(self.nodes[1:], IMPORT_NODES):
for import_rpc, label, amount, txid, addr in import_rpc_variants:
watchonly = import_rpc(node, import_node.rescan)
balance = node.getbalance(label, 0, True)
if import_node.rescan:
assert_equal(balance, amount)
assert_equal(balance, 0)
txs = node.listtransactions(label, 10000, 0, True)
if import_node.rescan:
assert_equal(len(txs), 1)
assert_equal(txs[0]["account"], label)
assert_equal(txs[0]["address"], addr["address"])
assert_equal(txs[0]["amount"], amount)
assert_equal(txs[0]["category"], "receive")
assert_equal(txs[0]["label"], label)
assert_equal(txs[0]["txid"], txid)
assert_equal(txs[0]["confirmations"], 1)
assert_equal("trusted" not in txs[0], True)
if watchonly:
assert_equal(txs[0]["involvesWatchonly"], True)
assert_equal("involvesWatchonly" not in txs[0], True)
assert_equal(len(txs), 0)
# Create spends for all the imported addresses.
spend_txids = []
fee = self.nodes[0].getnetworkinfo()["relayfee"]
for import_rpc, label, amount, txid, addr in import_rpc_variants:
raw_tx = self.nodes[0].getrawtransaction(txid)
decoded_tx = self.nodes[0].decoderawtransaction(raw_tx)
input_vout = next(out["n"] for out in decoded_tx["vout"]
if out["scriptPubKey"]["addresses"] == [addr["address"]])
inputs = [{"txid": txid, "vout": input_vout}]
outputs = {self.nodes[0].getnewaddress(): Decimal(amount) - fee}
raw_spend_tx = self.nodes[0].createrawtransaction(inputs, outputs)
signed_spend_tx = self.nodes[0].signrawtransaction(raw_spend_tx)
spend_txid = self.nodes[0].sendrawtransaction(signed_spend_tx["hex"])
assert_equal(self.nodes[0].getrawmempool(), [])
# Check the results from getbalance and listtransactions after the spends.
for node, import_node in zip(self.nodes[1:], IMPORT_NODES):
txs = node.listtransactions("*", 10000, 0, True)
for (import_rpc, label, amount, txid, addr), spend_txid in zip(import_rpc_variants, spend_txids):
balance = node.getbalance(label, 0, True)
spend_tx = [tx for tx in txs if tx["txid"] == spend_txid]
if import_node.rescan:
assert_equal(balance, amount)
assert_equal(len(spend_tx), 1)
assert_equal(spend_tx[0]["account"], "")
assert_equal(spend_tx[0]["amount"] + spend_tx[0]["fee"], -amount)
assert_equal(spend_tx[0]["category"], "send")
assert_equal("label" not in spend_tx[0], True)
assert_equal(spend_tx[0]["confirmations"], 1)
assert_equal("trusted" not in spend_tx[0], True)
assert_equal("involvesWatchonly" not in txs[0], True)
assert_equal(balance, 0)
assert_equal(spend_tx, [])
if __name__ == "__main__":