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This directory contains tools for developers working on this repository.

A small script to automate merging pull-requests securely and sign them with GPG.

For example:

./ bitcoin/bitcoin 3077

(in any git repository) will help you merge pull request #3077 for the bitcoin/bitcoin repository.

What it does:

  • Fetch master and the pull request.
  • Locally construct a merge commit.
  • Show the diff that merge results in.
  • Ask you to verify the resulting source tree (so you can do a make check or whatever).
  • Ask you whether to GPG sign the merge commit.
  • Ask you whether to push the result upstream.

This means that there are no potential race conditions (where a pullreq gets updated while you're reviewing it, but before you click merge), and when using GPG signatures, that even a compromised github couldn't mess with the sources.


Configuring the github-merge tool for the bitcoin repository is done in the following way:

git config githubmerge.repository bitcoin/bitcoin
git config githubmerge.testcmd "make -j4 check" (adapt to whatever you want to use for testing)
git config --global user.signingkey mykeyid (if you want to GPG sign)