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bitcoin ICON "pixmaps/bitcoin.ico"
#include "wx/msw/wx.rc"
check ICON "pixmaps/check.ico"
send16 BITMAP "pixmaps/send16.bmp"
send16mask BITMAP "pixmaps/send16mask.bmp"
send16masknoshadow BITMAP "pixmaps/send16masknoshadow.bmp"
send20 BITMAP "pixmaps/send20.bmp"
send20mask BITMAP "pixmaps/send20mask.bmp"
addressbook16 BITMAP "pixmaps/addressbook16.bmp"
addressbook16mask BITMAP "pixmaps/addressbook16mask.bmp"
addressbook20 BITMAP "pixmaps/addressbook20.bmp"
addressbook20mask BITMAP "pixmaps/addressbook20mask.bmp"
favicon ICON "pixmaps/favicon.ico"