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Extract _("...") strings for translation and convert to Qt4 stringdefs so that
they can be picked up by Qt linguist.
from subprocess import Popen, PIPE
def parse_po(text):
Parse 'po' format produced by xgettext.
Return a list of (msgid,msgstr) tuples.
messages = []
msgid = []
msgstr = []
in_msgid = False
in_msgstr = False
for line in text.split('\n'):
line = line.rstrip('\r')
if line.startswith('msgid '):
if in_msgstr:
messages.append((msgid, msgstr))
in_msgstr = False
# message start
in_msgid = True
msgid = [line[6:]]
elif line.startswith('msgstr '):
in_msgid = False
in_msgstr = True
msgstr = [line[7:]]
elif line.startswith('"'):
if in_msgid:
if in_msgstr:
if in_msgstr:
messages.append((msgid, msgstr))
return messages
files = ['src/base58.h', 'src/bignum.h', 'src/db.cpp', 'src/db.h', 'src/externui.h', 'src/headers.h', 'src/init.cpp', 'src/init.h', 'src/irc.cpp', 'src/irc.h', 'src/key.h', 'src/main.cpp', 'src/main.h', 'src/net.cpp', 'src/net.h', 'src/noui.h', 'src/rpc.cpp', 'src/rpc.h', 'src/script.cpp', 'src/script.h', 'src/serialize.h', 'src/strlcpy.h', 'src/uint256.h', 'src/util.cpp', 'src/util.h']
# xgettext -n --keyword=_ $FILES
child = Popen(['xgettext','--output=-','-n','--keyword=_'] + files, stdout=PIPE)
(out, err) = child.communicate()
messages = parse_po(out)
f = open(OUT_CPP, 'w')
f.write('#include <QtGlobal>\n')
f.write('// Automatically generated by\n')
f.write('static const char *bitcoin_strings[] = {')
for (msgid, msgstr) in messages:
if msgid != EMPTY:
f.write('QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("bitcoin-core", %s),\n' % ('\n'.join(msgid)))