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#ifndef GUIUTIL_H
#define GUIUTIL_H
#include <QString>
#include <QObject>
#include <QMessageBox>
class QFont;
class QLineEdit;
class QWidget;
class QDateTime;
class QUrl;
class QAbstractItemView;
class SendCoinsRecipient;
/** Utility functions used by the Bitcoin Qt UI.
namespace GUIUtil
// Create human-readable string from date
QString dateTimeStr(const QDateTime &datetime);
QString dateTimeStr(qint64 nTime);
// Render Bitcoin addresses in monospace font
QFont bitcoinAddressFont();
// Set up widgets for address and amounts
void setupAddressWidget(QLineEdit *widget, QWidget *parent);
void setupAmountWidget(QLineEdit *widget, QWidget *parent);
// Parse "bitcoin:" URI into recipient object, return true on succesful parsing
// See Bitcoin URI definition discussion here:
bool parseBitcoinURI(const QUrl &uri, SendCoinsRecipient *out);
bool parseBitcoinURI(QString uri, SendCoinsRecipient *out);
// HTML escaping for rich text controls
QString HtmlEscape(const QString& str, bool fMultiLine=false);
QString HtmlEscape(const std::string& str, bool fMultiLine=false);
/** Copy a field of the currently selected entry of a view to the clipboard. Does nothing if nothing
is selected.
@param[in] column Data column to extract from the model
@param[in] role Data role to extract from the model
@see TransactionView::copyLabel, TransactionView::copyAmount, TransactionView::copyAddress
void copyEntryData(QAbstractItemView *view, int column, int role=Qt::EditRole);
/** Get save file name, mimics QFileDialog::getSaveFileName, except that it appends a default suffix
when no suffix is provided by the user.
@param[in] parent Parent window (or 0)
@param[in] caption Window caption (or empty, for default)
@param[in] dir Starting directory (or empty, to default to documents directory)
@param[in] filter Filter specification such as "Comma Separated Files (*.csv)"
@param[out] selectedSuffixOut Pointer to return the suffix (file type) that was selected (or 0).
Can be useful when choosing the save file format based on suffix.
QString getSaveFileName(QWidget *parent=0, const QString &caption=QString(),
const QString &dir=QString(), const QString &filter=QString(),
QString *selectedSuffixOut=0);
/** Get connection type to call object slot in GUI thread with invokeMethod. The call will be blocking.
@returns If called from the GUI thread, return a Qt::DirectConnection.
If called from another thread, return a Qt::BlockingQueuedConnection.
Qt::ConnectionType blockingGUIThreadConnection();
// Determine whether a widget is hidden behind other windows
bool isObscured(QWidget *w);
// Open debug.log
void openDebugLogfile();
/** Qt event filter that intercepts ToolTipChange events, and replaces the tooltip with a rich text
representation if needed. This assures that Qt can word-wrap long tooltip messages.
Tooltips longer than the provided size threshold (in characters) are wrapped.
class ToolTipToRichTextFilter : public QObject
explicit ToolTipToRichTextFilter(int size_threshold, QObject *parent = 0);
bool eventFilter(QObject *obj, QEvent *evt);
int size_threshold;
bool GetStartOnSystemStartup();
bool SetStartOnSystemStartup(bool fAutoStart);
/** Help message for Bitcoin-Qt, shown with --help. */
class HelpMessageBox : public QMessageBox
HelpMessageBox(QWidget *parent = 0);
void exec();
QString header;
QString coreOptions;
QString uiOptions;
} // namespace GUIUtil
#endif // GUIUTIL_H