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#ifndef INTRO_H
#define INTRO_H
#include <QDialog>
#include <QThread>
#include <QMutex>
namespace Ui {
class Intro;
class FreespaceChecker;
/** Introduction screen (pre-GUI startup).
Allows the user to choose a data directory,
in which the wallet and block chain will be stored.
class Intro : public QDialog
explicit Intro(QWidget *parent = 0);
QString getDataDirectory();
void setDataDirectory(const QString &dataDir);
* Determine data directory. Let the user choose if the current one doesn't exist.
* @note do NOT call global GetDataDir() before calling this function, this
* will cause the wrong path to be cached.
static void pickDataDirectory();
* Determine default data directory for operating system.
static QString getDefaultDataDirectory();
void requestCheck();
void stopThread();
public slots:
void setStatus(int status, const QString &message, quint64 bytesAvailable);
private slots:
void on_dataDirectory_textChanged(const QString &arg1);
void on_ellipsisButton_clicked();
void on_dataDirDefault_clicked();
void on_dataDirCustom_clicked();
Ui::Intro *ui;
QThread *thread;
QMutex mutex;
bool signalled;
QString pathToCheck;
void startThread();
void checkPath(const QString &dataDir);
QString getPathToCheck();
friend class FreespaceChecker;
#endif // INTRO_H