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// Copyright (c) 2011-2013 The Bitcoin developers
// Distributed under the MIT/X11 software license, see the accompanying
// file COPYING or
#include "paymentrequestplus.h"
#include "walletmodeltransaction.h"
#include "allocators.h" /* for SecureString */
#include <map>
#include <vector>
#include <QObject>
class AddressTableModel;
class OptionsModel;
class RecentRequestsTableModel;
class TransactionTableModel;
class WalletModelTransaction;
class CCoinControl;
class CKeyID;
class COutPoint;
class COutput;
class CPubKey;
class CWallet;
class uint256;
class QTimer;
class SendCoinsRecipient
explicit SendCoinsRecipient() : amount(0), nVersion(SendCoinsRecipient::CURRENT_VERSION) { }
explicit SendCoinsRecipient(const QString &addr, const QString &label, quint64 amount, const QString &message):
address(addr), label(label), amount(amount), message(message), nVersion(SendCoinsRecipient::CURRENT_VERSION) {}
// If from an insecure payment request, this is used for storing
// the addresses, e.g. address-A<br />address-B<br />address-C.
// Info: As we don't need to process addresses in here when using
// payment requests, we can abuse it for displaying an address list.
// Todo: This is a hack, should be replaced with a cleaner solution!
QString address;
QString label;
qint64 amount;
// If from a payment request, this is used for storing the memo
QString message;
// If from a payment request, paymentRequest.IsInitialized() will be true
PaymentRequestPlus paymentRequest;
// Empty if no authentication or invalid signature/cert/etc.
QString authenticatedMerchant;
static const int CURRENT_VERSION = 1;
int nVersion;
SendCoinsRecipient* pthis = const_cast<SendCoinsRecipient*>(this);
std::string sAddress = pthis->address.toStdString();
std::string sLabel = pthis->label.toStdString();
std::string sMessage = pthis->message.toStdString();
std::string sPaymentRequest;
if (!fRead && pthis->paymentRequest.IsInitialized())
std::string sAuthenticatedMerchant = pthis->authenticatedMerchant.toStdString();
nVersion = pthis->nVersion;
if (fRead)
pthis->address = QString::fromStdString(sAddress);
pthis->label = QString::fromStdString(sLabel);
pthis->message = QString::fromStdString(sMessage);
if (!sPaymentRequest.empty())
pthis->paymentRequest.parse(QByteArray::fromRawData(, sPaymentRequest.size()));
pthis->authenticatedMerchant = QString::fromStdString(sAuthenticatedMerchant);
/** Interface to Bitcoin wallet from Qt view code. */
class WalletModel : public QObject
explicit WalletModel(CWallet *wallet, OptionsModel *optionsModel, QObject *parent = 0);
enum StatusCode // Returned by sendCoins
TransactionCreationFailed, // Error returned when wallet is still locked
enum EncryptionStatus
Unencrypted, // !wallet->IsCrypted()
Locked, // wallet->IsCrypted() && wallet->IsLocked()
Unlocked // wallet->IsCrypted() && !wallet->IsLocked()
OptionsModel *getOptionsModel();
AddressTableModel *getAddressTableModel();
TransactionTableModel *getTransactionTableModel();
RecentRequestsTableModel *getRecentRequestsTableModel();
qint64 getBalance(const CCoinControl *coinControl = NULL) const;
qint64 getUnconfirmedBalance() const;
qint64 getImmatureBalance() const;
int getNumTransactions() const;
EncryptionStatus getEncryptionStatus() const;
// Check address for validity
bool validateAddress(const QString &address);
// Return status record for SendCoins, contains error id + information
struct SendCoinsReturn
SendCoinsReturn(StatusCode status = OK):
status(status) {}
StatusCode status;
// prepare transaction for getting txfee before sending coins
SendCoinsReturn prepareTransaction(WalletModelTransaction &transaction, const CCoinControl *coinControl = NULL);
// Send coins to a list of recipients
SendCoinsReturn sendCoins(WalletModelTransaction &transaction);
// Wallet encryption
bool setWalletEncrypted(bool encrypted, const SecureString &passphrase);
// Passphrase only needed when unlocking
bool setWalletLocked(bool locked, const SecureString &passPhrase=SecureString());
bool changePassphrase(const SecureString &oldPass, const SecureString &newPass);
// Wallet backup
bool backupWallet(const QString &filename);
// RAI object for unlocking wallet, returned by requestUnlock()
class UnlockContext
UnlockContext(WalletModel *wallet, bool valid, bool relock);
bool isValid() const { return valid; }
// Copy operator and constructor transfer the context
UnlockContext(const UnlockContext& obj) { CopyFrom(obj); }
UnlockContext& operator=(const UnlockContext& rhs) { CopyFrom(rhs); return *this; }
WalletModel *wallet;
bool valid;
mutable bool relock; // mutable, as it can be set to false by copying
void CopyFrom(const UnlockContext& rhs);
UnlockContext requestUnlock();
bool getPubKey(const CKeyID &address, CPubKey& vchPubKeyOut) const;
void getOutputs(const std::vector<COutPoint>& vOutpoints, std::vector<COutput>& vOutputs);
void listCoins(std::map<QString, std::vector<COutput> >& mapCoins) const;
bool isLockedCoin(uint256 hash, unsigned int n) const;
void lockCoin(COutPoint& output);
void unlockCoin(COutPoint& output);
void listLockedCoins(std::vector<COutPoint>& vOutpts);
void loadReceiveRequests(std::vector<std::string>& vReceiveRequests);
bool saveReceiveRequest(const std::string &sAddress, const int64_t nId, const std::string &sRequest);
CWallet *wallet;
// Wallet has an options model for wallet-specific options
// (transaction fee, for example)
OptionsModel *optionsModel;
AddressTableModel *addressTableModel;
TransactionTableModel *transactionTableModel;
RecentRequestsTableModel *recentRequestsTableModel;
// Cache some values to be able to detect changes
qint64 cachedBalance;
qint64 cachedUnconfirmedBalance;
qint64 cachedImmatureBalance;
qint64 cachedNumTransactions;
EncryptionStatus cachedEncryptionStatus;
int cachedNumBlocks;
QTimer *pollTimer;
void subscribeToCoreSignals();
void unsubscribeFromCoreSignals();
void checkBalanceChanged();
// Signal that balance in wallet changed
void balanceChanged(qint64 balance, qint64 unconfirmedBalance, qint64 immatureBalance);
// Number of transactions in wallet changed
void numTransactionsChanged(int count);
// Encryption status of wallet changed
void encryptionStatusChanged(int status);
// Signal emitted when wallet needs to be unlocked
// It is valid behaviour for listeners to keep the wallet locked after this signal;
// this means that the unlocking failed or was cancelled.
void requireUnlock();
// Fired when a message should be reported to the user
void message(const QString &title, const QString &message, unsigned int style);
// Coins sent: from wallet, to recipient, in (serialized) transaction:
void coinsSent(CWallet* wallet, SendCoinsRecipient recipient, QByteArray transaction);
public slots:
/* Wallet status might have changed */
void updateStatus();
/* New transaction, or transaction changed status */
void updateTransaction(const QString &hash, int status);
/* New, updated or removed address book entry */
void updateAddressBook(const QString &address, const QString &label, bool isMine, const QString &purpose, int status);
/* Current, immature or unconfirmed balance might have changed - emit 'balanceChanged' if so */
void pollBalanceChanged();