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(note: this is a temporary file, to be added-to by anybody, and moved to release-notes at release time)

Bitcoin Core version version is now available from:*version*/

This is a new major version release, including new features, various bugfixes and performance improvements, as well as updated translations.

Please report bugs using the issue tracker at github:

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Microsoft ended support for Windows XP on April 8th, 2014, an OS initially released in 2001. This means that not even critical security updates will be released anymore. Without security updates, using a bitcoin wallet on a XP machine is irresponsible at least.

In addition to that, with 0.12.x there have been varied reports of Bitcoin Core randomly crashing on Windows XP. It is not clear what the source of these crashes is, but it is likely that upstream libraries such as Qt are no longer being tested on XP.

We do not have time nor resources to provide support for an OS that is end-of-life. From 0.13.0 on, Windows XP is no longer supported. Users are suggested to upgrade to a newer version of Windows, or install an alternative OS that is supported.

No attempt is made to prevent installing or running the software on Windows XP, you can still do so at your own risk, but do not expect it to work: do not report issues about Windows XP to the issue tracker.

Notable changes

Low-level RPC changes

  • importprunedfunds only accepts two required arguments. Some versions accept an optional third arg, which was always ignored. Make sure to never pass more than two arguments.

Fee Estimation Changes

  • Since 0.13.2 fee estimation for a confirmation target of 1 block has been disabled. This is only a minor behavior change as there was often insufficient data for this target anyway. estimatefee 1 will now always return -1 and estimatesmartfee 1 will start searching at a target of 2.

  • The default target for fee estimation is changed to 6 blocks in both the GUI (previously 25) and for RPC calls (previously 2).

Removal of Priority Estimation

  • Estimation of "priority" needed for a transaction to be included within a target number of blocks has been removed. The rpc calls are deprecated and will either return -1 or 1e24 appropriately. The format for fee_estimates.dat has also changed to no longer save these priority estimates. It will automatically be converted to the new format which is not readable by prior versions of the software.

  • The concept of "priority" (coin age) transactions is planned to be removed in the next major version. To prepare for this, the default for the rate limit of priority transactions (-limitfreerelay) has been set to 0 kB/minute. This is not to be confused with the prioritisetransaction RPC which will remain supported for adding fee deltas to transactions.

P2P connection management

  • Peers manually added through the addnode option or addnode RPC now have their own limit of eight connections which does not compete with other inbound or outbound connection usage and is not subject to the maxconnections limitation.

  • New connections to manually added peers are much faster.

0.14.0 Change log

Detailed release notes follow. This overview includes changes that affect behavior, not code moves, refactors and string updates. For convenience in locating the code changes and accompanying discussion, both the pull request and git merge commit are mentioned.


UTXO set query (GET /rest/getutxos/<checkmempool>/<txid>-<n>/<txid>-<n>/.../<txid>-<n>.<bin|hex|json>) responses were changed to return status code HTTP_BAD_REQUEST (400) instead of HTTP_INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR (500) when requests contain invalid parameters.

The first boolean argument to getaddednodeinfo has been removed. This is an incompatible change.

Call "getmininginfo" loses the "testnet" field in favor of the more generic "chain" (which has been present for years).

Configuration and command-line options

Block and transaction handling

P2P protocol and network code


Build system






Thanks to everyone who directly contributed to this release:

As well as everyone that helped translating on Transifex.