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Wladimir J. van der Laan b5ad5e783d Add Python test for -rpcbind and -rpcallowip 8 years ago
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Regression tests of RPC interface


Git subtree of Changes to python-bitcoinrpc should be made upstream, and then pulled here using git subtree.

Copy this to create new regression tests.

Tests for the listtransactions RPC call.

Generally useful functions.

Bash-based tests, to be ported to Python:

  • : Exercise wallet send/receive code.
  • : Exercise wallet backup / dump / import
  • : Test proper accounting of malleable transactions
  • : More testing of malleable transaction handling


A 200-block -regtest blockchain and wallets for four nodes is created the first time a regression test is run and is stored in the cache/ directory. Each node has 25 mature blocks (25*50=1250 BTC) in their wallet.

After the first run, the cache/ blockchain and wallets are copied into a temporary directory and used as the initial test state.

If you get into a bad state, you should be able to recover with:

rm -rf cache
killall bitcoind