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Gavin's notes on getting gitian builds up and running:

You need the right hardware: you need a 64-bit-capable CPU with hardware virtualization support (Intel VT-x or AMD-V). Not all modern CPUs support hardware virtualization.

You probably need to enable hardware virtualization in your machine's BIOS.

You need to be running a recent version of 64-bit-Ubuntu, and you need to install several prerequisites:
sudo apt-get install apache2 git apt-cacher-ng python-vm-builder qemu-kvm

Sanity checks:
sudo service apt-cacher-ng status # Should return apt-cacher-ng is running
ls -l /dev/kvm # Should show a /dev/kvm device

Once you've got the right hardware and software:

git clone git://
git clone git://
mkdir gitian-builder/inputs
wget '' -O gitian-builder/inputs/miniupnpc-1.6.tar.gz

cd gitian-builder
bin/make-base-vm --arch i386
bin/make-base-vm --arch amd64
cd ..

# To build
cd bitcoin
git pull
cd ../gitian-builder
git pull
./bin/gbuild --commit bitcoin=HEAD ../bitcoin/contrib/gitian.yml