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(note: this is a temporary file, to be added-to by anybody, and deleted at
release time)
Building this from
$ git shortlog --no-merges v0.6.3..
Core bitcoin handling and blockchain database
* Reduced CPU usage, by eliminating some redundant hash calculations
* Cache signature verifications, to eliminate redundant signature checks
* Mining: when creating new blocks, sort 'paid' area by fee-per-kb
* Database: better validation of on-disk stored data
* Database: minor optimizations and reliability improvements
* -loadblock=FILE will import an external block file
* Internal HTTP server is now thread-per-connection, rather than
a single-threaded queue that would stall on network I/O.
* Internal HTTP server supports HTTP/1.1, pipelined requests and
connection keep-alive.
* Support JSON-RPC 2.0 batches, to encapsulate multiple JSON-RPC requests
within a single HTTP request.
* IPv6 support
* Added raw transaction API. See
* Added 'getrawmempool', to list contents of TX memory pool
* Added 'getpeerinfo', to list data about each connected network peer
* Rework gettransaction, getblock calls. 'gettransaction' responds for
non-wallet TXs now.
* Remove deprecated RPC 'getblocknumber'
P2P networking
* IPv6 support
* Tor/I2P hidden service support
* Attempts to fix "stuck blockchain download" problems
* Replace BDB database "addr.dat" with internally-managed "peers.dat"
file containing peer address data.
* Lower default send buffer from 10MB to 1MB
* proxy: SOCKS5 by default
* Support connecting by hostnames passed to proxy (-proxydns)
* Add -seednode connections, and use this for -dnsseed + -proxydns
* Added -externalip and -discover
* Add -onlynet to prevent connections to a given network
* Separate listening sockets, -bind=<addr>
Internal codebase
* Additional unit tests
* Compile warning fixes
* Reopen debug.log upon SIGHUP
* Bash programmable completion for bitcoind(1)
* On supported OS's, each thread is given a useful name