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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Use the raw transactions API to spend bitcoins received on particular addresses,
# and send any change back to that same address.
# Example usage:
# # Lists available funds
# --from=ADDRESS --to=ADDRESS --amount=11.00
# Assumes it will talk to a bitcoind or Bitcoin-Qt running
# on localhost.
# Depends on jsonrpc
from decimal import *
import getpass
import math
import os
import os.path
import platform
import sys
import time
from jsonrpc import ServiceProxy, json
def check_json_precision():
"""Make sure json library being used does not lose precision converting BTC values"""
n = Decimal("20000000.00000003")
satoshis = int(json.loads(json.dumps(float(n)))*1.0e8)
if satoshis != 2000000000000003:
raise RuntimeError("JSON encode/decode loses precision")
def determine_db_dir():
"""Return the default location of the bitcoin data directory"""
if platform.system() == "Darwin":
return os.path.expanduser("~/Library/Application Support/Bitcoin/")
elif platform.system() == "Windows":
return os.path.join(os.environ['APPDATA'], "Bitcoin")
return os.path.expanduser("~/.bitcoin")
def read_bitcoin_config(dbdir):
"""Read the bitcoin.conf file from dbdir, returns dictionary of settings"""
from ConfigParser import SafeConfigParser
class FakeSecHead(object):
def __init__(self, fp):
self.fp = fp
self.sechead = '[all]\n'
def readline(self):
if self.sechead:
try: return self.sechead
finally: self.sechead = None
s = self.fp.readline()
if s.find('#') != -1:
s = s[0:s.find('#')].strip() +"\n"
return s
config_parser = SafeConfigParser()
config_parser.readfp(FakeSecHead(open(os.path.join(dbdir, "bitcoin.conf"))))
return dict(config_parser.items("all"))
def connect_JSON(config):
"""Connect to a bitcoin JSON-RPC server"""
testnet = config.get('testnet', '0')
testnet = (int(testnet) > 0) # 0/1 in config file, convert to True/False
if not 'rpcport' in config:
config['rpcport'] = 18332 if testnet else 8332
connect = "http://%s:%s@"%(config['rpcuser'], config['rpcpassword'], config['rpcport'])
result = ServiceProxy(connect)
# ServiceProxy is lazy-connect, so send an RPC command mostly to catch connection errors,
# but also make sure the bitcoind we're talking to is/isn't testnet:
if result.getmininginfo()['testnet'] != testnet:
sys.stderr.write("RPC server at "+connect+" testnet setting mismatch\n")
return result
sys.stderr.write("Error connecting to RPC server at "+connect+"\n")
def unlock_wallet(bitcoind):
info = bitcoind.getinfo()
if 'unlocked_until' not in info:
return True # wallet is not encrypted
t = int(info['unlocked_until'])
if t <= time.time():
passphrase = getpass.getpass("Wallet is locked; enter passphrase: ")
bitcoind.walletpassphrase(passphrase, 5)
sys.stderr.write("Wrong passphrase\n")
info = bitcoind.getinfo()
return int(info['unlocked_until']) > time.time()
def list_available(bitcoind):
address_summary = dict()
address_to_account = dict()
for info in bitcoind.listreceivedbyaddress(0):
address_to_account[info["address"]] = info["account"]
unspent = bitcoind.listunspent(0)
for output in unspent:
# listunspent doesn't give addresses, so:
rawtx = bitcoind.getrawtransaction(output['txid'], 1)
vout = rawtx["vout"][output['vout']]
pk = vout["scriptPubKey"]
# This code only deals with ordinary pay-to-bitcoin-address
# or pay-to-script-hash outputs right now; anything exotic is ignored.
if pk["type"] != "pubkeyhash" and pk["type"] != "scripthash":
address = pk["addresses"][0]
if address in address_summary:
address_summary[address]["total"] += vout["value"]
address_summary[address] = {
"total" : vout["value"],
"outputs" : [output],
"account" : address_to_account.get(address, "")
return address_summary
def select_coins(needed, inputs):
# Feel free to improve this, this is good enough for my simple needs:
outputs = []
have = Decimal("0.0")
n = 0
while have < needed and n < len(inputs):
outputs.append({ "txid":inputs[n]["txid"], "vout":inputs[n]["vout"]})
have += inputs[n]["amount"]
n += 1
return (outputs, have-needed)
def create_tx(bitcoind, fromaddresses, toaddress, amount, fee):
all_coins = list_available(bitcoind)
total_available = Decimal("0.0")
needed = amount+fee
potential_inputs = []
for addr in fromaddresses:
if addr not in all_coins:
total_available += all_coins[addr]["total"]
if total_available < needed:
sys.stderr.write("Error, only %f BTC available, need %f\n"%(total_available, needed));
# Note:
# Python's json/jsonrpc modules have inconsistent support for Decimal numbers.
# Instead of wrestling with getting json.dumps() (used by jsonrpc) to encode
# Decimals, I'm casting amounts to float before sending them to bitcoind.
outputs = { toaddress : float(amount) }
(inputs, change_amount) = select_coins(needed, potential_inputs)
if change_amount > BASE_FEE: # don't bother with zero or tiny change
change_address = fromaddresses[-1]
if change_address in outputs:
outputs[change_address] += float(change_amount)
outputs[change_address] = float(change_amount)
rawtx = bitcoind.createrawtransaction(inputs, outputs)
signed_rawtx = bitcoind.signrawtransaction(rawtx)
if not signed_rawtx["complete"]:
sys.stderr.write("signrawtransaction failed\n")
txdata = signed_rawtx["hex"]
return txdata
def compute_amount_in(bitcoind, txinfo):
result = Decimal("0.0")
for vin in txinfo['vin']:
in_info = bitcoind.getrawtransaction(vin['txid'], 1)
vout = in_info['vout'][vin['vout']]
result = result + vout['value']
return result
def compute_amount_out(txinfo):
result = Decimal("0.0")
for vout in txinfo['vout']:
result = result + vout['value']
return result
def sanity_test_fee(bitcoind, txdata_hex, max_fee):
class FeeError(RuntimeError):
txinfo = bitcoind.decoderawtransaction(txdata_hex)
total_in = compute_amount_in(bitcoind, txinfo)
total_out = compute_amount_out(txinfo)
if total_in-total_out > max_fee:
raise FeeError("Rejecting transaction, unreasonable fee of "+str(total_in-total_out))
tx_size = len(txdata_hex)/2
kb = tx_size/1000 # integer division rounds down
if kb > 1 and fee < BASE_FEE:
raise FeeError("Rejecting no-fee transaction, larger than 1000 bytes")
if total_in < 0.01 and fee < BASE_FEE:
raise FeeError("Rejecting no-fee, tiny-amount transaction")
# Exercise for the reader: compute transaction priority, and
# warn if this is a very-low-priority transaction
except FeeError as err:
def main():
import optparse
parser = optparse.OptionParser(usage="%prog [options]")
parser.add_option("--from", dest="fromaddresses", default=None,
help="addresses to get bitcoins from")
parser.add_option("--to", dest="to", default=None,
help="address to get send bitcoins to")
parser.add_option("--amount", dest="amount", default=None,
help="amount to send")
parser.add_option("--fee", dest="fee", default="0.0",
help="fee to include")
parser.add_option("--datadir", dest="datadir", default=determine_db_dir(),
help="location of bitcoin.conf file with RPC username/password (default: %default)")
parser.add_option("--testnet", dest="testnet", default=False, action="store_true",
help="Use the test network")
parser.add_option("--dry_run", dest="dry_run", default=False, action="store_true",
help="Don't broadcast the transaction, just create and print the transaction data")
(options, args) = parser.parse_args()
config = read_bitcoin_config(options.datadir)
if options.testnet: config['testnet'] = True
bitcoind = connect_JSON(config)
if options.amount is None:
address_summary = list_available(bitcoind)
for address,info in address_summary.iteritems():
n_transactions = len(info['outputs'])
if n_transactions > 1:
print("%s %.8f %s (%d transactions)"%(address, info['total'], info['account'], n_transactions))
print("%s %.8f %s"%(address, info['total'], info['account']))
fee = Decimal(options.fee)
amount = Decimal(options.amount)
while unlock_wallet(bitcoind) == False:
pass # Keep asking for passphrase until they get it right
txdata = create_tx(bitcoind, options.fromaddresses.split(","),, amount, fee)
sanity_test_fee(bitcoind, txdata, amount*Decimal("0.01"))
if options.dry_run:
txid = bitcoind.sendrawtransaction(txdata)
if __name__ == '__main__':