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// Copyright (c) 2011-2014 The Bitcoin Core developers
// Distributed under the MIT software license, see the accompanying
// file COPYING or
#if defined(HAVE_CONFIG_H)
#include "config/bitcoin-config.h"
#include "amount.h"
#include <QLabel>
#include <QMainWindow>
#include <QMap>
#include <QMenu>
#include <QPoint>
#include <QSystemTrayIcon>
class ClientModel;
class NetworkStyle;
class Notificator;
class OptionsModel;
class PlatformStyle;
class RPCConsole;
class SendCoinsRecipient;
class UnitDisplayStatusBarControl;
class WalletFrame;
class WalletModel;
class HelpMessageDialog;
class CWallet;
class QAction;
class QProgressBar;
class QProgressDialog;
Bitcoin GUI main class. This class represents the main window of the Bitcoin UI. It communicates with both the client and
wallet models to give the user an up-to-date view of the current core state.
class BitcoinGUI : public QMainWindow
static const QString DEFAULT_WALLET;
explicit BitcoinGUI(const PlatformStyle *platformStyle, const NetworkStyle *networkStyle, QWidget *parent = 0);
/** Set the client model.
The client model represents the part of the core that communicates with the P2P network, and is wallet-agnostic.
void setClientModel(ClientModel *clientModel);
/** Set the wallet model.
The wallet model represents a bitcoin wallet, and offers access to the list of transactions, address book and sending
bool addWallet(const QString& name, WalletModel *walletModel);
bool setCurrentWallet(const QString& name);
void removeAllWallets();
bool enableWallet;
void changeEvent(QEvent *e);
void closeEvent(QCloseEvent *event);
void dragEnterEvent(QDragEnterEvent *event);
void dropEvent(QDropEvent *event);
bool eventFilter(QObject *object, QEvent *event);
ClientModel *clientModel;
WalletFrame *walletFrame;
UnitDisplayStatusBarControl *unitDisplayControl;
QLabel *labelEncryptionIcon;
QLabel *labelConnectionsIcon;
QLabel *labelBlocksIcon;
QLabel *progressBarLabel;
QProgressBar *progressBar;
QProgressDialog *progressDialog;
QMenuBar *appMenuBar;
QAction *overviewAction;
QAction *historyAction;
QAction *quitAction;
QAction *sendCoinsAction;
QAction *sendCoinsMenuAction;
QAction *usedSendingAddressesAction;
QAction *usedReceivingAddressesAction;
QAction *signMessageAction;
QAction *verifyMessageAction;
QAction *aboutAction;
QAction *receiveCoinsAction;
QAction *receiveCoinsMenuAction;
QAction *optionsAction;
QAction *toggleHideAction;
QAction *encryptWalletAction;
QAction *backupWalletAction;
QAction *changePassphraseAction;
QAction *aboutQtAction;
QAction *openRPCConsoleAction;
QAction *openAction;
QAction *showHelpMessageAction;
QSystemTrayIcon *trayIcon;
QMenu *trayIconMenu;
Notificator *notificator;
RPCConsole *rpcConsole;
HelpMessageDialog *helpMessageDialog;
/** Keep track of previous number of blocks, to detect progress */
int prevBlocks;
int spinnerFrame;
const PlatformStyle *platformStyle;
/** Create the main UI actions. */
void createActions();
/** Create the menu bar and sub-menus. */
void createMenuBar();
/** Create the toolbars */
void createToolBars();
/** Create system tray icon and notification */
void createTrayIcon(const NetworkStyle *networkStyle);
/** Create system tray menu (or setup the dock menu) */
void createTrayIconMenu();
/** Enable or disable all wallet-related actions */
void setWalletActionsEnabled(bool enabled);
/** Connect core signals to GUI client */
void subscribeToCoreSignals();
/** Disconnect core signals from GUI client */
void unsubscribeFromCoreSignals();
/** Signal raised when a URI was entered or dragged to the GUI */
void receivedURI(const QString &uri);
public Q_SLOTS:
/** Set number of connections shown in the UI */
void setNumConnections(int count);
/** Set number of blocks and last block date shown in the UI */
void setNumBlocks(int count, const QDateTime& blockDate);
/** Notify the user of an event from the core network or transaction handling code.
@param[in] title the message box / notification title
@param[in] message the displayed text
@param[in] style modality and style definitions (icon and used buttons - buttons only for message boxes)
@see CClientUIInterface::MessageBoxFlags
@param[in] ret pointer to a bool that will be modified to whether Ok was clicked (modal only)
void message(const QString &title, const QString &message, unsigned int style, bool *ret = NULL);
/** Set the encryption status as shown in the UI.
@param[in] status current encryption status
@see WalletModel::EncryptionStatus
void setEncryptionStatus(int status);
bool handlePaymentRequest(const SendCoinsRecipient& recipient);
/** Show incoming transaction notification for new transactions. */
void incomingTransaction(const QString& date, int unit, const CAmount& amount, const QString& type, const QString& address, const QString& label);
private Q_SLOTS:
/** Switch to overview (home) page */
void gotoOverviewPage();
/** Switch to history (transactions) page */
void gotoHistoryPage();
/** Switch to receive coins page */
void gotoReceiveCoinsPage();
/** Switch to send coins page */
void gotoSendCoinsPage(QString addr = "");
/** Show Sign/Verify Message dialog and switch to sign message tab */
void gotoSignMessageTab(QString addr = "");
/** Show Sign/Verify Message dialog and switch to verify message tab */
void gotoVerifyMessageTab(QString addr = "");
/** Show open dialog */
void openClicked();
/** Show configuration dialog */
void optionsClicked();
/** Show about dialog */
void aboutClicked();
/** Show debug window */
void showDebugWindow();
/** Show help message dialog */
void showHelpMessageClicked();
#ifndef Q_OS_MAC
/** Handle tray icon clicked */
void trayIconActivated(QSystemTrayIcon::ActivationReason reason);
/** Show window if hidden, unminimize when minimized, rise when obscured or show if hidden and fToggleHidden is true */
void showNormalIfMinimized(bool fToggleHidden = false);
/** Simply calls showNormalIfMinimized(true) for use in SLOT() macro */
void toggleHidden();
/** called by a timer to check if fRequestShutdown has been set **/
void detectShutdown();
/** Show progress dialog e.g. for verifychain */
void showProgress(const QString &title, int nProgress);
class UnitDisplayStatusBarControl : public QLabel
explicit UnitDisplayStatusBarControl(const PlatformStyle *platformStyle);
/** Lets the control know about the Options Model (and its signals) */
void setOptionsModel(OptionsModel *optionsModel);
/** So that it responds to left-button clicks */
void mousePressEvent(QMouseEvent *event);
OptionsModel *optionsModel;
QMenu* menu;
/** Shows context menu with Display Unit options by the mouse coordinates */
void onDisplayUnitsClicked(const QPoint& point);
/** Creates context menu, its actions, and wires up all the relevant signals for mouse events. */
void createContextMenu();
private Q_SLOTS:
/** When Display Units are changed on OptionsModel it will refresh the display text of the control on the status bar */
void updateDisplayUnit(int newUnits);
/** Tells underlying optionsModel to update its current display unit. */
void onMenuSelection(QAction* action);