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Bitcoin-qt: Qt4 based GUI replacement for Bitcoin

**Warning** **Warning** **Warning**
Pre-alpha stuff! Use on testnet only!

This has been implemented:

- qmake / QtCreator project (.pro)

- All dialogs (main GUI, address book, send coins) and menus

- Taskbar icon/menu

- GUI only functionality (copy to clipboard, select address, address/transaction filter proxys)

- Bitcoin core is made compatible with Qt4

- Send coins dialog: address and input validation

- Address book and transactions views and models

- Options dialog

- Sending coins (including ask for fee when needed)

- Show error messages from core

- Show details dialog for transactions (on double click)

This has to be done:

- Integrate with main bitcoin tree

- Start at system start

- Internationalization (convert WX language files)

- Build on Windows

Build instructions

First, make sure that the required packages for Qt4 development of your
distribution are installed, for Debian and Ubuntu these are:


apt-get install qt4-qmake libqt4-dev

then execute the following:



Alternatively, install Qt Creator and open the `` file.

An executable named `bitcoin` will be built.