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// Copyright (c) 2009-2010 Satoshi Nakamoto
// Copyright (c) 2009-2017 The Starwels developers
// Distributed under the MIT software license, see the accompanying
// file COPYING or
#include <consensus/params.h>
#include <stdint.h>
class CBlockHeader;
class CBlockIndex;
class uint256;
unsigned int GetNextWorkRequired(const CBlockIndex* pindexLast, const CBlockHeader *pblock, const Consensus::Params&);
unsigned int CalculateNextWorkRequired(const CBlockIndex* pindexLast, int64_t nFirstBlockTime, const Consensus::Params&);
/** Check whether a block hash satisfies the proof-of-work requirement specified by nBits */
bool CheckProofOfWork(uint256 hash, unsigned int nBits, const Consensus::Params&);
#endif // STARWELS_POW_H