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// Copyright (c) 2009-2017 The Starwels developers
// Distributed under the MIT software license, see the accompanying
// file COPYING or
#if defined(HAVE_CONFIG_H)
#include <config/starwels-config.h>
#include <compat.h>
#include <netaddress.h>
#include <serialize.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
extern int nConnectTimeout;
extern bool fNameLookup;
//! -timeout default
static const int DEFAULT_CONNECT_TIMEOUT = 5000;
//! -dns default
static const int DEFAULT_NAME_LOOKUP = true;
class proxyType
proxyType(): randomize_credentials(false) {}
explicit proxyType(const CService &_proxy, bool _randomize_credentials=false): proxy(_proxy), randomize_credentials(_randomize_credentials) {}
bool IsValid() const { return proxy.IsValid(); }
CService proxy;
bool randomize_credentials;
enum Network ParseNetwork(std::string net);
std::string GetNetworkName(enum Network net);
bool SetProxy(enum Network net, const proxyType &addrProxy);
bool GetProxy(enum Network net, proxyType &proxyInfoOut);
bool IsProxy(const CNetAddr &addr);
bool SetNameProxy(const proxyType &addrProxy);
bool HaveNameProxy();
bool GetNameProxy(proxyType &nameProxyOut);
bool LookupHost(const char *pszName, std::vector<CNetAddr>& vIP, unsigned int nMaxSolutions, bool fAllowLookup);
bool LookupHost(const char *pszName, CNetAddr& addr, bool fAllowLookup);
bool Lookup(const char *pszName, CService& addr, int portDefault, bool fAllowLookup);
bool Lookup(const char *pszName, std::vector<CService>& vAddr, int portDefault, bool fAllowLookup, unsigned int nMaxSolutions);
CService LookupNumeric(const char *pszName, int portDefault = 0);
bool LookupSubNet(const char *pszName, CSubNet& subnet);
SOCKET CreateSocket(const CService &addrConnect);
bool ConnectSocketDirectly(const CService &addrConnect, const SOCKET& hSocketRet, int nTimeout);
bool ConnectThroughProxy(const proxyType &proxy, const std::string& strDest, int port, const SOCKET& hSocketRet, int nTimeout, bool *outProxyConnectionFailed);
/** Return readable error string for a network error code */
std::string NetworkErrorString(int err);
/** Close socket and set hSocket to INVALID_SOCKET */
bool CloseSocket(SOCKET& hSocket);
/** Disable or enable blocking-mode for a socket */
bool SetSocketNonBlocking(const SOCKET& hSocket, bool fNonBlocking);
/** Set the TCP_NODELAY flag on a socket */
bool SetSocketNoDelay(const SOCKET& hSocket);
* Convert milliseconds to a struct timeval for e.g. select.
struct timeval MillisToTimeval(int64_t nTimeout);
void InterruptSocks5(bool interrupt);