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// Copyright (c) 2009-2010 Satoshi Nakamoto
// Copyright (c) 2009-2017 The Starwels developers
// Distributed under the MIT software license, see the accompanying
// file COPYING or
#include <key.h>
#include <pubkey.h>
#include <script/script.h>
#include <script/standard.h>
#include <sync.h>
#include <boost/signals2/signal.hpp>
/** A virtual base class for key stores */
class CKeyStore
mutable CCriticalSection cs_KeyStore;
virtual ~CKeyStore() {}
//! Add a key to the store.
virtual bool AddKeyPubKey(const CKey &key, const CPubKey &pubkey) =0;
virtual bool AddKey(const CKey &key);
//! Check whether a key corresponding to a given address is present in the store.
virtual bool HaveKey(const CKeyID &address) const =0;
virtual bool GetKey(const CKeyID &address, CKey& keyOut) const =0;
virtual std::set<CKeyID> GetKeys() const =0;
virtual bool GetPubKey(const CKeyID &address, CPubKey& vchPubKeyOut) const =0;
//! Support for BIP 0013 : see
virtual bool AddCScript(const CScript& redeemScript) =0;
virtual bool HaveCScript(const CScriptID &hash) const =0;
virtual std::set<CScriptID> GetCScripts() const =0;
virtual bool GetCScript(const CScriptID &hash, CScript& redeemScriptOut) const =0;
//! Support for Watch-only addresses
virtual bool AddWatchOnly(const CScript &dest) =0;
virtual bool RemoveWatchOnly(const CScript &dest) =0;
virtual bool HaveWatchOnly(const CScript &dest) const =0;
virtual bool HaveWatchOnly() const =0;
typedef std::map<CKeyID, CKey> KeyMap;
typedef std::map<CKeyID, CPubKey> WatchKeyMap;
typedef std::map<CScriptID, CScript > ScriptMap;
typedef std::set<CScript> WatchOnlySet;
/** Basic key store, that keeps keys in an address->secret map */
class CBasicKeyStore : public CKeyStore
KeyMap mapKeys;
WatchKeyMap mapWatchKeys;
ScriptMap mapScripts;
WatchOnlySet setWatchOnly;
void ImplicitlyLearnRelatedKeyScripts(const CPubKey& pubkey);
bool AddKeyPubKey(const CKey& key, const CPubKey &pubkey) override;
bool GetPubKey(const CKeyID &address, CPubKey& vchPubKeyOut) const override;
bool HaveKey(const CKeyID &address) const override;
std::set<CKeyID> GetKeys() const override;
bool GetKey(const CKeyID &address, CKey &keyOut) const override;
bool AddCScript(const CScript& redeemScript) override;
bool HaveCScript(const CScriptID &hash) const override;
std::set<CScriptID> GetCScripts() const override;
bool GetCScript(const CScriptID &hash, CScript& redeemScriptOut) const override;
bool AddWatchOnly(const CScript &dest) override;
bool RemoveWatchOnly(const CScript &dest) override;
bool HaveWatchOnly(const CScript &dest) const override;
bool HaveWatchOnly() const override;
typedef std::vector<unsigned char, secure_allocator<unsigned char> > CKeyingMaterial;
typedef std::map<CKeyID, std::pair<CPubKey, std::vector<unsigned char> > > CryptedKeyMap;
/** Return the CKeyID of the key involved in a script (if there is a unique one). */
CKeyID GetKeyForDestination(const CKeyStore& store, const CTxDestination& dest);