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Construct a linear, no-fork, best version of the Starwels blockchain. The scripts run using Python 3 but are compatible with Python 2.

Step 1: Download hash list

$ ./ linearize.cfg > hashlist.txt

Required configuration file settings for linearize-hashes:

  • RPC: datadir (Required if rpcuser and rpcpassword are not specified)
  • RPC: rpcuser, rpcpassword (Required if datadir is not specified)

Optional config file setting for linearize-hashes:

  • RPC: host (Default:
  • RPC: port (Default: 8342)
  • Blockchain: min_height, max_height
  • rev_hash_bytes: If true, the written block hash list will be byte-reversed. (In other words, the hash returned by getblockhash will have its bytes reversed.) False by default. Intended for generation of standalone hash lists but safe to use with, which will output the same data no matter which byte format is chosen.

The linearize-hashes script requires a connection, local or remote, to a JSON-RPC server. Running starwelsd or starwels-qt -server will be sufficient.

Step 2: Copy local block data

$ ./ linearize.cfg

Required configuration file settings:

  • output_file: The file that will contain the final blockchain. or
  • output: Output directory for linearized blocks/blkNNNNN.dat output.

Optional config file setting for linearize-data:

  • debug_output: Some printouts may not always be desired. If true, such output will be printed.
  • file_timestamp: Set each file's last-accessed and last-modified times, respectively, to the current time and to the timestamp of the most recent block written to the script's blockchain.
  • genesis: The hash of the genesis block in the blockchain.
  • input: starwelsd blocks/ directory containing blkNNNNN.dat
  • hashlist: text file containing list of block hashes created by
  • max_out_sz: Maximum size for files created by the output_file option. (Default: 1000*1000*1000 bytes)
  • netmagic: Network magic number.
  • out_of_order_cache_sz: If out-of-order blocks are being read, the block can be written to a cache so that the blockchain doesn't have to be sought again. This option specifies the cache size. (Default: 100*1000*1000 bytes)
  • rev_hash_bytes: If true, the block hash list written by will be byte-reversed when read by See the linearize-hashes entry for more information.
  • split_timestamp: Split blockchain files when a new month is first seen, in addition to reaching a maximum file size (max_out_sz).