128 Commits (ff20f323385db9401789047359735c8a44da3351)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Philip Kaufmann 30d509c12e fix for build.h regeneration failure when compiling on Windows 9 years ago
  Philip Kaufmann 47894585ae GUI: merge sign/verify message into a single window with tabbed UI 9 years ago
  Gavin Andresen a2709fad7f Implement raw transaction RPC calls 9 years ago
  Jeff Garzik 70ab73a008 Create new rpcnet module, and move 'getconnectioncount' RPC to it 9 years ago
  Philip Kaufmann 82ec7d5542 small updates to Bitcoin-Qt project file 9 years ago
  Giel van Schijndel 5b14622110 On Windows link with `mswsock`, it being required (indirectly) by RPC code 9 years ago
  Philip Kaufmann c4443c2be1 re-work optionsdialog to a tabbed UI based on an ui-file 9 years ago
  Jeff Garzik 7b671f52e0 Define BOOST_SPIRIT_THREADSAFE in all makefiles 9 years ago
  R E Broadley 8c35bfbadf Add /bin/sh to bitcoin-qt.pro - as some filesystems don't have the execute flag. 9 years ago
  Wladimir J. van der Laan ffd8060a98 Speed up build in Qt creator in common case 9 years ago
  Pieter Wuille 7f3ccb59da Split synchronization mechanisms from util.{h,cpp} 9 years ago
  sje397 0c587936c7 Add a menu option to verify a signed message 9 years ago
  Pieter Wuille 23aa78c405 IPv6 node support 9 years ago
  Pieter Wuille f621326c24 Clean up warnings 9 years ago
  Gregory Maxwell a5f95d75a1 Increase client version to 0.6.99 9 years ago
  Wladimir J. van der Laan 460c51fdad Add UI RPC console / debug window 9 years ago
  Philip Kaufmann 8a6329a7ac add bitcoin-qt.rc to OTHER_FILES (shown in Qt Creator) 9 years ago
  Philip Kaufmann 68103043ce fix DEPENDPATH in the project file, as json has no include sub-dir and src was in twice 9 years ago
  Gavin Andresen 2c31cfc271 Bump version numbers for 0.6.1rc1 9 years ago
  Jeff Garzik 9eace6b113 Move CWalletDB code to new walletdb module. 9 years ago
  Pieter Wuille ed6d0b5f85 Remove headers.h 9 years ago
  Wladimir J. van der Laan f9f625fb32 enable all warnings except invalid-offsetof, sign-compare, unused-parameter 9 years ago
  Pieter Wuille 4577167170 Fix build.h dependencies 9 years ago
  Pieter Wuille 5d464a4a55 Force regeneration of build.h in qmake builds 9 years ago
  Pieter Wuille a20c0d0f67 Build identification strings 9 years ago
  Luke Dashjr fa2544e79f Bugfix: Replace "URL" with "URI" where we aren't actually working with URLs 9 years ago
  Gavin Andresen 5ce4c2a23a Remove USE_SSL #define 9 years ago
  Philip Kaufmann cf8525a571 removed an unneeded space in bitcoin-qt.pro 9 years ago
  Wladimir J. van der Laan 5cccb13dad Move from noui.h / ui.h to one ui_interface.h with dummy implementation for the daemon. 9 years ago
  Wladimir J. van der Laan 6cb6d62347 remove dependency on serialize.h and util.h for SecureString 9 years ago
  Luke Dashjr 49e1501b5d Move QMAKE_LIBS_QT_ENTRY adjustment to bitcoin side of build 9 years ago
  Wladimir J. van der Laan 100da73677 Fix warning about deprecated unescaped backslash 9 years ago
  Matt Corallo 8864019f6d Fix Win32 RPC Crashes. 9 years ago
  Wladimir J. van der Laan f94177367a Fix windows build in windows Qt SDK 9 years ago
  Wladimir J. van der Laan 30dfc64f48 Link -lrt library on Linux 9 years ago
  Pieter Wuille c4341fa6ab Add mruset and use it for setInventoryKnown 9 years ago
  Pieter Wuille 5fee401fe1 CAddrMan: stochastic address manager 9 years ago
  Matt Corallo b03cb15789 Make bitcoin-qt static-link libqrcode and add it for debian pkgs. 9 years ago
  Matt Corallo 245484679a Add Bitcoin-Qt test suite with some bitcoin: URL Tests to start. 9 years ago
  Wladimir J. van der Laan 2e5a781c64 Enable accessible widgets Qt module on win32, so that people with screen readers such as NVDA can make sense of it. 9 years ago
  Gavin Andresen 6bf4253a68 Increase client version to 0.6 9 years ago
  Luke Dashjr 2bc4fd609c Bitcoin-Qt signmessage GUI (pull request #582) 9 years ago
  Pieter Wuille 67a42f929b Network stack refactor 9 years ago
  Matt Corallo 7d145a0f59 Add support for opening bitcoin: URIs directly. 9 years ago
  Matt Corallo 0b5d6f1e26 Add QR Code support to Win32 Gitian build. 9 years ago
  Matt Corallo f18a119ac0 Implement "Start on window system startup" on Win32 + Linux. 9 years ago
  sje397 22123c85f3 Added QRCode generation functions via libqrencode. Switch on with USE_QRENCODE=1. 9 years ago
  Pieter Wuille 95d888a6d1 Key import and export 10 years ago
  Pieter Wuille 93db3fceac Add GetSecret() and GetKeys() to CKeyStore 10 years ago
  Gavin Andresen 8896c2d9d6 Bump version 0.5.99 (prep for pulling for version 0.6) 9 years ago