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  MarcoFalke fa2c3b6cf7 doc: Bump manpages to 0.15.99 4 лет назад
  Luke Dashjr 8c156b7f70 Bugfix: Only install manpages for built programs 4 лет назад
  Wladimir J. van der Laan eb4910193a doc: Update manpages for master 5 лет назад
  mrbandrews 1fc4ec7bf2 Add pruneblockchain RPC to enable manual block file pruning. 5 лет назад
  nomnombtc 09546ca0c9 regenerated all manpages with commit tag stripped, also add bitcoin-tx 5 лет назад
  nomnombtc 00dba72cc3 add doc/man/Makefile.am to include manpages 5 лет назад
  nomnombtc eb5643b7c7 add autogenerated manpages by help2man 5 лет назад